“SWISH IS SO F*CKING FIRE" & Other Highlights From Pusha T's Reddit AMA

King Push also says he'd sign Lil Wayne and, most importantly, confirmed how to spell his signature ad-lib.

While not always the best advice for public figures, Pusha T more than survived his time in the Reddit AMA ring yesterday.

The G.O.O.D. Music President stopped by in promotion of his new album, Darkest Before The Dawn, and to touch on the upcoming Kanye West album, the new plans he has since taking over at G.O.O.D. and some fun details that give us a peek into the world of King Push.

After saying that Kanye was the best producer he has worked with in his career (no surprise) and that he has to OK every beat that comes out of the imprint, he went on to talk about the upcoming SWISH album, which has been getting a thorough teasing over the last couple of months. Last week, ‘Ye even played it for Lamar Odom in the hospital, then confusingly told the world to leave him alone while he worked on it. When asked about Kanye's highly-anticipated project Pusha said:

“SWISH IS SO FUCKING FIRE and i will never lie to you... stay tuned”

Well...ok then. We've been staying tuned for about a year now, but I guess we'll just keep going because what other choice do we have?

And in terms of other G.O.O.D Music related business, Push also wrote that he's working on another label compilation album like Cruel Summer, and that he would "love to do a CyHi Da Prynce" album and that he's "great." So, basically, we won't be getting a CyHi album. Got it.

Focusing on himself, Pusha also claimed that his most underrated song is "40 Acres" (we would have said "Suicide"), that his trademark ad-lib is actually spelled "YUGGHCK" (we didn't see the two "g"s coming) and touched on the acting lessons he got in preparing for his Darkest Before Dawn visual accompaniment that has drawn comparisons to Kanye’s “Runaway.”

“awesome experience. rotimi was an awesome acting coach. i want to learn the art of theater because of darkest before dawn and i respect the process of acting very much. my inspiration was to just show how miracles come in different forms and to show even though you might not do the right thing all the time that you live by a certain set of principles”

And for additional highlights he also wrote that Rae Sremmurd was one of his favorite new rap groups, he appreciated Young Thug's creativity, he's been listening to a lot of The Internet lately (good call, they're dope), and that despite their differences, he would sign Lil Wayne to GOOD Music if Wayne asked, which will never actualy happen, but is still a nice sentiment.

It’s always good to see and hear from Pusha T as one of the more understood and thoughtful artists in the game. Yet another Reddit AMA in the books - now, how about this King Push album...

[by Jake Krez. You can follow him on Twitter. Image via Instagram.]