From Kendrick to Tech N9ne, the Rap Power Rankings Report

Just weeks away from determining the most powerful rapper of 2015, here's where the rankings stand now.

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It's hard to believe we're almost done with a full year of ]the Rap Power Rankings, a project that if I didn't have children I would easily call my pride and joy. Too often by the time December rolls around we're slaves to the moment, over-emphasizing what just happened and forgetting about the rappers and music that really mattered in February and May and August.

And now that we're almost finished with the year, I'm looking back at the Rankings and feeling like mission accomplished. You can look at the Rankings and truly appreciate Drake's incredibly impact; month after month after month he mattered. You can see J. Cole's influence start off strong, dip in the middle of the year, and then pick back up in the last couple months. You can see Future essentially come from nowhere to become a major player. In short, you can see what 2015 really looked like.

And we're not done yet. Before we tally up the points for December and determine the final yearly Rankings, let's take one last look at where everyone stands heading into the homestretch. Who will emerge as the most powerful rapper of 2015? We'll know soon. 

The Rap Power Rankings