Waka Flocka Loves Logic, Tinashe Has Sex to Bryson Tiller & More 2015 Artist Favorites

Waka's favorite album of 2015 was Logic's. We won't lie, we did not see that coming.

We've spent the last few weeks exhaustively detailing what we thought was the best music of 2015, but what about the artists themselves? What music was filling their headphones this year? What music is Fetty Wap using to serenade his own trap queen? What's Future want to hear when he hits the club? What music is Tinashe putting on when she's...you know...in the mood? 

Great questions, we have to say, we're glad Complex asked, especially when it turned up some gems like these:

Waka Flocka - Logic's The Incredible True Story

"My favorite artist of 2015 is Logic. Dude has no radio singles. None! He makes music for himself and his fans only. Fuck the rest. And he still kicked in the door this year with a No. 1 album."

I have to say, I constantly underestimate Waka. He's proven time and time again that he's a far more complex person than I first thought in the "O Let's Do It" days, but still, I can't say I saw this coming. Logic had his favorite album of the year? I guess it makes sense, Waka also really makes music "for himself and his fans only." Lesson learned yet again, Waka for President!

Tinashe - Bryson Tiller "Don't"

"It's my favorite song to have sex to!"

Hear that? It's the sound of a thousand men adding "Don't" to their Spotify playlist in hopes they'll one day meet Tinashe. Especially considering Wale also picked Tiller as his favorite new artist this year, Bryson's clearly got a bright future. This also feels like an appropriate time to mention that around the DJBooth offices we still tease Taylor for how obviously hard he was crushing on Tinashe when they rode together



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Young Thug - Young Thug ft. Gucci Mane "Again"

"By Alex Tumay. Haaa haaaaaa, eet." 

Can't argue with logic like that. I have to say though, I kind of appreciate Thug for picking his own song as his favorite. Believe in yourself Thugger, you are your own unique snowflake. 

Future - The Weekend "The Hills"

"That shit goes too hard."

Makes sense, if there was anyone that made more music about drugs in 2015 than The Weeknd, it was Future. I'm looking forward to their 2016 collab album, What a Time to Be In Rehab

Fetty Wap - Future "Trap Niggas"

"My favorite song of the year was Future's 'Trap Niggas.' It was my turn up song when I would be in the club."

Knowing that the most popular turn-up club rapper in the world listens to the other most popular turn-up club rapper in the world when he wants to turn up in the club is like a mirror in front of a mirror stretching out into infinity

It's also worth noting that Jadakiss picked Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" because that's a great song and Jada's obviously smart enough to try to work with one of the most streamed artists on the planet, and that Large Professor's favorite song was Fetty Wap's "Trap Queen," which was a surprise coming from one of the godfather's of sample-based hip-hop production.  

It just goes to show, you can't assume you know any artist's favorite music unless you actually ask them. Except for Young Thug, I now feel pretty confident assuming he's constantly only listening to Young Thug.



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