Our Favorite Hip-Hop Writing of 2015

We wrote thousands and thousands of words this year, here are some of our best.

The last few weeks have been very reflective for the blogosphere, the look back is an annual tradition where every site and publication attempts to some sum up what's unfolded in the last 12 months. Tracing the year with albums and stories, the nostalgia is enough to send anyone floating down the memory freeway.

For us at DJBooth, we spent this entire year writing and writing and writing about rap music, rap artists, and most things that happened in the universe of music. It was a busy year, our fingers have pushed these keys day in and day out, trying to keep up with the surplus of events. It felt like every second something was happening, especially with the rise of surprise albums/mixtapes, a big enough rumor would keep us up with the owls. Since we spent so much time writing about the music, we wanted to take some time to look back on some of our most popular editorials and personal favorites.

Our article on the dab has been a big hit, if Cam Newton makes it to the Superbowl and does the dance in front of millions, expect to see the DJBooth squad partying at Disney World with the Panthers. The 1 Listen album reviews have been very popular amongst our readers, it’s no surprise the biggest one this year came from an album that dropped out the sky randomly like the last son of Krypton. That wasn’t the only Drake piece that was embraced, we went through Drake’s lyrics and documented every girl he has ever mentioned on record. Just know it was a group project that took a little longer than any 1 Listen review.  Future was determined to make you pay attention. We did, we gave him our undivided and what we heard in the music revealed an artist that despite all the turning up, seemed to be tortured by addiction. We love rap and we love McDonald’s, it’s no surprise that the article about Mickey D’s stealing Hi-Rez’s “Like A Boss Video” video attracted many eyes.

5 Most Popular Articles of the Year

5 More Articles We Loved That Were Popular But Not Literally the Most Popular

Every writer knows that their personal favorite article might not be the biggest hit with readers. You just never know, your favorite article might get read by thousands or read by a dozen but it still holds a personal place in your heart. It could be an article or interview but some form of writing that you look back on fondly, that you completely with pride and no amount of views can take that feeling away. Nathan, Lucas, Jake, Sermon, and I all selected our three favorite pieces that we wrote this year. Hopefully they’re some of yours as well.

Staff Picks






We believe we put out some incredible editorials this year but we also have to acknowledge there are other sites and writers who are doing an exceptional job as well. Good writers are also good readers, and we read a lot of great articles this year. Here a few highlights that didn’t come from our squad. And of course this is only the tip of the iceberg, there's more great writing out there than we can name or we can possibly even know. A salute to everyone who put down words this year

Writing From Beyond the Booth

Music journalism, much like the music that's being reported, comes with the good and the bad. There’s plenty of writers penning articles with passion and integrity, we strive to write with passion and integrity, and we hope when readers visit the site they see that quality in our editorials. 2015 was a great year for us and we plan on pushing to be even better next year. Here’s to another one.

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