Jarren Benton Not Leaving Funk Volume for No Limit, Media Can't Take Joke

It wasn't hard for Jarren to successfully troll the rap media into thinking he was leaving Funk Volume.
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Over the holiday break independent hip-hop powerhouse label Funk Volume found itself mired in drama as label founder and star Hopsin slammed his label co-founder and business partner Damien Ritter on Instagram, going so far as to write, "This man is the death of funk volume."

That of course set off all sorts of speculation about the label's future, which of course meant Funk Volume signee Jarren Benton was being asked about his place there, which of course meant that Jarren Benton responded with a joke about leaving for No Limit Records because, as anyone who's spent even seven minutes with the man knows (or, you know, gotten drunk with him), Jarren Benton is fundamentally incapable of responding to any serious situation with a serious answer. 

So a rapper made a joke. Not much of a story, right? Wrong. Outlet after outlet ran the Instagram post as fact; "Jarren Benton Says He's Leaving Funk Volume For No Limit" was the headline on HotNewHipHop, and from there it spread like digital wildfire. Common sense said that this was a joke from the start, but even just a few minutes of calls, texts and emails were all it took to confirm that a rapper who's signature trademark is wearing a racoon hat was not, in fact, leaving Funk Volume to revamp a label with Master P that hasn't existed in over a decade.

The label itself confirmed that Jarren was still signed to FV, and here's what his longtime production collaborator and labelmate Kato had to say about the matter. 

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The internet stripping a story of any context or humor and reporting it seriously is certainly nothing new, and neither is running a piece without actually bothering to reach out to anyone involved first. But this is 2016, and it's our resolution to be the kind of media outlet that actually bothers to fact check, even if that means fact checking stories that are obviously jokes. 

The future of Funk Volume and Hopsin's place in it is still very much in the air, but one thing is for sure, you should never, ever, ever take anything Jarren Benton says seriously. I'm glad we got that cleared up. 

UPDATE: No, obviously FV hasn't actually merged with No Limit. Come on people. 

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