Kanye West's Fake "American Idol" Audition is Great But Also Kind of Terrible

Yes, Kanye really appeared as an "American Idol" contestant. And yes, it's as awkward as you think.
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Honestly, I didn't know American Idol was on TV at all, it feels like that show's been running since the Reagan administration. But apparently Idol's preparing to enter its final season and the show has some surprises in store for its big send-off. Surprised like, say, Kanye West pretending to be a contestant and performing an a capella audition of "Gold Digger."  

Part of me absolutely doesn't want to watch, but the other part of me can't not watch. Yeah, ok, fine, I'll watch. Damn you Ryan Seacrest with your intentionally scruffy beard and your famous rapper cameos. 

Well, that was.....a thing. I won't front, part of me loved it. Water is wet and Kanye often takes himself too seriously, but he also has a great sense of humor, and it's kind of dope to watch him be unafraid to act goofy for a minute. Plus, I'll never be angry at a "Gold Digger" performance. At the same time, it just feels so corny and forced. Watch his royal Yeezyness pander to whoever those two dudes sitting next to Jennifer Lopez are is cringe-inducing. 

Ultimately, I think I'm just going to pretend like this never happened, just like I'm pretending that equally corny "Facts" song never happened, and go back to praying for SWISH to arrive, sound dope, and no longer be titled SWISH.

A man can dream, right?