Andre 3000 Says He Wants to "Put Out a Music Project," Definitely Won't

In an interview with Billboard the Outkast alum expressed interest in releasing new music.

In a new interview with Billboard Magazine, centered around his role on the new season of the ABC drama American Crime, Andre 3000 was asked if he's had time to work on new music of late. 

"I’d like to put out some kind of music project, but we’ll see," the Outkast emcee shared.

That quote came after he vaguely danced around the topic of possibly releasing another album, also saying that he's "figuring out some music to do" and adding, "I can’t say that I have a target right now." 

It's somewhat encouraging to read that someone as musically talented as Andre Benjamin, whose primary focus for the last ten years has been acting, has continued to record new music and longs to share this music with the world. The fact that he threw in a "but we'll see" at the end of his quote, however, means we're all but assured of never actually hearing a single note. 

Everyone knows from growing up that when you ask one of your parents for something, "Mom, can I go to Bobby's house for a sleepover?" and their response is, "...., but we'll see," it essentially means no, never, not happening under any circumstances.

Well, I never went to Bobby's house for that sleepover and the aloof and non-committal Andre is never releasing a new project. Prove me wrong, Andre. It'll begin to make up for staying home that one Saturday night.

P.S. - Andre also said that he loves Kid Cudi's new album, Speeding Bullet 2 Heaven, so there's that. 

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