Killer Mike Guests on Colbert, Solidifies His Position as Hip-Hop's Leading Voice

With each passing interview, the ATL veteran earns more respect from those outside the rap community.

When he isn't working on RTJ3 or collaborating with Logic or interviewing Democratic Party presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, Killer Mike is acting as the leading voice of hip-hop.

On Tuesday evening, the veteran ATL emcee and one-half of acclaimed rap duo Run The Jewels appeared as a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, not present to promote an album or pimp a clothing line, but rather to discuss racial inequality and his backing of Sanders.



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Colbert introduced Mike as a rapper and an activist, later doubling down during the interview to make clear the central reason for his presence on the show. While the rap community has largely identified him as a highly-skilled, dope emcee over his 13-year career in music, Mike's position in the industry over the last five years has decidedly changed. 

It's easy to devalue the importance of a six-minute interview on national television, but for a man who has made a living as a rapper (as well as owning barbershops in his native ATL) with the word "Killer" in his stage name to be given a platform like The Late Show to discuss politics speaks volumes about the respect he has earned and the respect he will continue to command. 

Mike would say this means that the hard work is just beginning, but at least that means that a starting line has been clearly defined.



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