Kendrick Lamar's "Pay It Forward" Video Proves He's a Man on a Mission

The multiple GRAMMY nominee looks to invoke change for a younger generation.

Kendrick Lamar released a new video. It's directed by Dave Meyers & The Little Homies, but it’s not what you think. This isn’t a traditional music video from TPAB, it's not a new song or “Untitled 3,” but don’t be so quick to close out your browser.

We love debating about music (especially Kendrick's) but rarely is it for anything more than entertainment. when an artist releases new content, be it a song, a video or an Instagram photo, that content immediately becomes the source of memes, debates, and fire tweets. However, the real impact of an artist shouldn't be measured in social buzz, or even stream numbers or GRAMMY nominations, but rather what they leave behind for generations to come. We often forget the human, altruistic importance of music in favor of our own selfish needs; a new song to stream or an album to ride out with.



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In his newly-released video, “Pay It Forward,” Kendrick doesn’t rap a single word, but he's still able to display the power of hip-hop. The most important message delivered: mentoring saves lives.

Whether or not you love Kendrick and his music, no matter if you consider him over or underrated, it doesn't really matter here. What does matter is that the TDE emcee is using his fame and influence to impact others; even if To Pimp A Butterfly isn’t your favorite album this effort should be applauded.

After meeting with President Obama in the White House, Kendrick could have released an "Obama freestyle” or a stunt-filled, White House verse but instead, he took the opportunity to at the very least try to invoke change for a younger generation. Sometimes we need to take a step back from silly beef and 1-Listen reviews to realize what really matters.

To quote Dead Prez, “it’s bigger than hip-hop.”  

Editor's Note: Be sure to read up on the My Brother's Keeper Initiative and consider becoming a mentor. At the minimum, take a dollar to support a dream and donate to The National Mentoring Partnership.



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