Drake Wins the 2015 Rap Power Rankings

12 months ago we launched the first ever Rap Power Rankings - it's finally time to crown Drake the king of 2015.

The year-end coverage started early this year, long before the year actually ended. In early December we were already seeing "Best Album of the Year" posts even though the year had another 30 days left, and that's fine, I get it. To the early bird goes the page views.

But not here.

Not the Rap Power Rankings.

Not when I'd spent literally every month of 2015 meticulously cataloging, ranking and scoring every ebb and flow of the rap game, from when Drake dropped a surprise album in January to Future's explosion in the middle of the year to Kendrick's multiple Grammy nominations in November. 

No, in the final Rap Power Rankings of the year, when we would officially declare one rapper as the most powerful of the year, a designation far more important than "best" or "hottest," we were going to take our time, wait until the clock struck midnight on New Year's Eve to even begin tallying the scores. And now that we've spent the last two weeks pouring over every album, song and notable event of 2015, we're finally ready to unveil the top ten most powerful rappers of 2015. Some things are too important to be rushed

The Final 2015 Rap Power Rankings