Macklemore Announces New Album "This Unruly Mess I Made" & Release Date

Macklemore's returning with a new album in February. Will you be listening?

The return of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis came unexpectedly last year when the two covered Complex's August/September issue, bringing to an end their long silence. 

A new wife, a new child, a new drug problem, there was plenty to talk about, a lot had occurred since Macklemore’s 2012 The Heist became an almost incomprehensibly huge success. And now, more than three years after the LP's release, we finally have the official word on a next album. 

Today, via his Instagram Macklemore revealed the title, cover, and release date of his new album. On February 26, Macklemore’s sophomore album This Unruly Mess I’ve Made will be hitting stores and streaming services. Feel free to mark your digital calendars and renew your Apple Music subscription.

The cover is fairly simple, a deep velvet-esque color with gold letters written in a font that is reminiscent of J. R. R. Tolkien Lord Of The Rings with a hand holding a single candle underneath. What really has my attention is the hand holding the candle. Based off the title, and knowing Macklemore’s history with drug addiction, I’m almost certain that he will be walking us down the dark corridors of regret, even in his darkest moments there was always a bit of light. Death is the darkness where light is incapable of piercing through. Hopefully, the unruly mess he has made will confront all the demons that his fans were unaware of during his hiatus. 

To add even more context, there’s a very cool but short video on Macklemore’s website. He narrates, giving us a glimpse of his mindset as he escaped from the grid to create this album. His words have weight, you can tell he speaks from a pure place, naked, full of emotion and passion. The message is one that will resonate with artists who truly care about their craft, and I believe Macklemore cares. In the video, he also says, "Being comfortable kills artists," a motto if I've ever heard one.

After two singles so far, "Growing Up" and "Downtown," on February 26, we will all get to witness Macklemore’s This Unruly Mess I’ve Made and see what kind of artist he truly is. Get excited. 

Photo CreditInstagram