Mos Def Arrested in South Africa, Will Be Deported Back to U.S.

Bey's been living in South Africa since '09, but officials are set to deport he and his family back to the U.S.

Mos Def, who I'll refer to from now by his chosen name, Yasiin Bey, was recently arrested in Cape Town, South Africa.

According to the South African Home Affairs department spokesman Mayihlome Tshwete, Bey is being charged with using fraudulent travel documents, is currently free, and will soon be deported back to the United States along with his family.  

First and foremost, I have to confess that while I consider myself a very serious Yasiin Bey fan, I can literally recite every word on his classic Black on Both Sides album, I had no idea he was living in South Africa at all. According to reports, he's been with his family in South Africa since 2009. I think that speaks to how profoundly Bey's unplugged himself from the music industry machine. We've moved well past "where's the album?" all the way to "wait, what continent is he on again?" 

The worst part of me hopes this means we'll be getting more music from Mos, but the rational part of me knows just how horribly selfish that is. Everything Bey's done in the last few years, including his name change, has seemingly been in the pursuit of happiness for himself and his family, I can only imagine how stressful being deported is, and so I'll choose instead to wish the best for Yasiin Bey the person, not for new music from Mos Def the rapper. 

UPDATE: Bey's camp has responded to the allegations.