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50 Cent & Rick Ross' Never-Ending Beef, a Complete History

For years these two powerhouse rappers have gone back-and-forth; will it ever end?

When asked about his ongoing feud with 50 Cent in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Rick Ross responds with an answer that’s eloquent, comical, and poised instead of aggressive, furious, or resentful.  A bit different than how he reacted the first time he was asked about beefing with 50.

The reply that came last week is one of a victor, that is laying a single rose on the grave of his fallen foe. The witty retort is a testament to their conflict that started with a wrong look, juvenile, yes, but a moment that may or may not have occurred created a tension that has lasted about seven years and escalated to a place that was foreign to rap beef. Their war has been one that’s more psychological than physical, their battles weren’t fought solely in the studio but across all platforms of social media, the mobster and the gangster clashing has been a game of battleship and not Pearl Harbor.

“At this point, my relationship with Curtis is really amusing, due to the fact that I’m the biggest L he ever took. I’m still enjoying life. My kids love me. I’m blessed. And when it comes to Curtis, it’s just unfortunate. I’m not happy that his boxing company went under. I’m not happy that his clothing company went under. I’m not happy his record label went under. I’m not happy that he went bankrupt. I’m not happy that he doesn’t have a relationship with his son. That’s not something to be happy about. But to see him parading around, still able to hold his head up every day, with all of that weighing on him — that makes me happy. I admire him for being able to hold his head up in a city that has revoked all of his passes. We’ve had a quite enjoyable past, and I still smile when I see him.”

Rick Ross believes he won, that he gave 50 his biggest defeat and Curtis wholeheartedly disagrees, and so their dance continues.

I remember when the beef started and thought that 50’s victory was guaranteed, that a fraudulent, former correctional officer would be an easy kill. The battlefield was like a second home to 50, he never ran from war but chased any tension, Curtis Jackson was the danger, he was the one who knocked. He even stated in his first video acknowledging the conflict, “So I’m deciding to fuck your life up, Rick Ross, I’m gonna fuck your life up for fun. This is not new, I do this all the time.” It goes back to the days of “How To Rob,” 50 has always been the brutal bully that had no problems saying names and daring you to reply. As he achieved more acclaim, made more money and ventured into business outside of rap he never altered his attitude he just adopted a new approach to taunt and ridicule.

Unlike when he was entrapped in a beef with The Game and Ja Rule, where violence was a factor, 50 is more likely to upload a video on Instagram than to approach you in public. As I type this, he’s making a mockery of Meek Mill. Rick Ross didn’t duel the 50 that was once hip-hop’s boogie man, the man that would piss on the tombstones of his foes, he got a far more tamed but creative Curtis. With all the time that has passed since this beef truly begun, we wanted to create a timeline from start to finish, tracing one of the most outlandish wars between two of rap music’s most peculiar warriors.


  • March 2008: 50 Cent compliments Rick Ross on his number one album during an interview, but also warns him not to stand too close to Fat Joe who was feuding with him and G-Unit at the time. Alluding that the friend of my enemy is an enemy.
  • During the 2008 B.E.T Awards, Rick Ross saw 50 Cent and did not like the way he looked at him. 50 Cent would later claim that he doesn’t remember Rick Ross even being at the award show.


  • In early January of 2009, in an interview with MTV, Rick Ross mentions the song “Mafia Music” and that it would cause a lot of problems. He went on to say, “I had to address a few people. I love it. The thing is, some people are gonna be — um — they’re gonna be f—ed up. That’s the best way I can put it.”
  • January 24: The prophesied problem stirring “Mafia Music” was “leaked” to the internet. The most notable person addressed was 50 Cent, in one of the lines Ross references Curtis Jackson and an incident that occurred with his child’s mother and a house burning. It’s done cleverly but it’s an obvious shot on a personal incident.
  • January 29: 50 Cent responded to Ross with “Officer Ricky (Go Ahead Try Me).” Back in 2008, details and a photo surfaced of Ross' 18-month stint as a correctional officer, which is why 50 titled the song “Officer Ricky.” Not only did he send shots at the biggest boss, DJ Khaled and Lil Wayne also sent jabs.
  • January 30: Rick Ross calls into Angela Yee’s Lip Service radio show on Shade 45 and spoke on 50’s “Officer Ricky.” He didn’t hold back his thoughts, saying that he was in disbelief that this was the song he came back with, he even gave Fifty 48 hours to come back with something stronger. Sounds familiar.
  • January 31: 50 Cent responds with a video upload entitled "Warning Shot." He mentions how he doesn’t remember seeing Ross at the B.E.T Awards but he accepts the beef. He also states that Ross could be doing this for publicity but he chose the wrong adversary and that he planned to ruin his life for "the fun of it." 50 also releases the first Officer Ricky cartoon. He would continue to release them weekly on Saturdays.
  • February 2:  50 Cent releases an interview with Tia, the mother of Rick Ross' son. The first half of the video is an interview with Tia, who brings further light to Ross' fraudulent lifestyle, speaks about his correctional officer past, and pretty much attack his character. In the second half, 50 takes Tia on a shopping spree.  
  • February 6: Rick Ross releases his second diss song, “Kiss My Ring Finger, Curly.”
  • February 6: During their beef, a website call was made. While it was later denied, the website appeared to be a vehicle for Ross to promote his album while taking jabs at 50. Ross takes things too far by photoshopping 50’s son face on a monkey’s body. It was a bit weird that Rozay continued to call Fif a monkey throughout his diss records.
  • February 8: 50 Cent returns with Officer Ricky Cartoon #2! How Rick Ross Got His Record Deal w/ Jay-Z and DJ Khaled.
  • February 2009: 50 releases the first “Pimpin Curly” video. Foxy Brown also catches a slight jab.
  • February 8: Of course you don’t just have beef with 50 but the entire G-Unit have to be involved. Tony Yayo and Llyod Banks join the battle with diss song, “I’ll Be The Shooter.”
  • February 10: Rick Ross finally crosses into the animation realm with the release of "Gay-Unit Workouts."
  • February 10: Ross also hits 50 with a new diss song, “Push 'Em Over The Edge.”
  • February 11: 50 Cent proves that he has less compassion than the average human with the release of “A Psychic Told Me.” The video has footage of clips and images of DJ Khaled's house and his clothing store where his mother works. The home of Khaled’s mom is also shown, as well as her asleep behind her work desk. It’s as if he was having her stalked.
  • February 12: The video of Khaled's mom and the picture of Fif’s son both are deleted and removed. 50 releases diss song “Tia Told Me” and the video for “I’ll Be The Shooter.” Lloyd Banks releases his own personal diss, “Officer Down.”
  • February 14: "Saturday Cartoons Presents Officer Ricky: Everybody Hates Chris" is released. This came shortly after Chris Brown and Rihanna’s situation.
  • February 19: Rick Ross keeps the fire burning with the diss “What Goes Around, Comes Around.”
  • February 22: “Saturday Cartoons Presents: Officer Ricky: Welcome to Deathrow" is released.
  • February 26: Tony Yayo releases “Somebody Snitched,” a response to a video that Rick Ross released a day prior where he stated that the beef would go indefinitely, that 50’s career was over and offered both G-Unit members 100K to join his team.
  • March 4: Another day, another diss. Rick Ross puts out "Head Of Florida."
  • March 12: The fourth Officer Ricky cartoon hits the internet and 50 Cent releases a trailer for a sex tape that features Rick Ross other child’s mother, Lastonia Leviston. 50 bought the tape from Lastonia's former boyfriend after they broke up.
  • March 17: 50 keeps his promise and releases the 13-minute sex tape. The footage features Lastonia Leviston and a man that 50 overdubs with his voice adding his own commentary not only attacking Ross but also demeaning and degrading Lastonia. It was hosted on ThisIs50.
  • April 13: Rick Ross releases a remix to "Mafia Music" that features Fat Joe, Ja Rule, and The Game. All foes of 50 Cent.
  • April 20: Ross releases the trailer for song “Cold Blood.” The video was released the next day depicting a mock funeral for Fif.
  • May 20: DJ Whoo Kid suggests that 50 would be dropping a mixtape and that it wouldn’t be devoted to the feud with Ross that the squabbling was over. 50 had other things to focus on, one being the release and promotion of Rozay’s child’s mother’s tell-all book release.
  • May 20: Tiallondra Kemp releases a tell-all book surrounding her life and relationship with Rick Ross, “Diary Deeper Than Rap: Clarity, Truth, and Exposure.”
  • November 19: 50 takes Ross' son and Tia to Floyd Mayweather's house. Pictures and video are taken.
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  • February 25: It’s reported that Lastonia Leviston filed a lawsuit against 50 Cent for emotional distress, unauthorized use of her name or image. The man that’s included is unrecognizably blurred out but Lastonia face is clear and visible.


  • October: After suffering two seizures in October, a fan asked Fif through Twitter if he had any words for Rick Ross, his reply, “Yeah. He gotta take care of his self.” He would later say that even though he won’t be praying for the Miami boss he doesn’t wish death on any man and that his grandfather had a seizure.
  • November 1: While on 106&Park Rick Ross addressed the Twitter exchange, “If it was genuine, I appreciate it, and if that’s the case, I thank you homey.”
  • November 7: During an interview with MTV, 50 referred to his situation with Ross as a battle and not beef. He took nothing that happened or anything that was said personally.


  • September 29: MMG’s Gunplay and members of 50 Cent’s entourage got into a minor scuffle backstage during the 2012 B.E.T. Awards. Rick Ross wasn’t around at the time.
  • October 10. 50 Cent is spotted bowling in Gunplay’s MMG chain that he lost during the altercation a few weeks prior. The chain would also make a cameo in 50’s music video for “Major Distribution” that features Young Jeezy. At the time Jeezy and Ross were also beefing. 


  • January 28: 50 Cent mocks Rick Ross on Twitter the day after his car crashed into a building while being shot at. “Fat boy hit the building? It looks staged to me. No [bullet holes] in da car.” He came back the next day to fire off a few more jokes.
  • February 3: While on Shade45 Meek Mill admitted his desires to help bring an end to the 50/Ross feud. “What they got goin’ on, they grown men. It’s been going on for a long time. If I could, I would. I knew 50 before I ever even signed with Ross. When I signed with Ross, I couldn’t just act like I don’t like 50 at all. That would be fake of me. If I could, I would. I don’t like seeing nobody I know go through anything. I don’t want to be in the middle one day and gotta choose sides or anything like that.”
  • November 5: During a visit to The Breakfast Club, Rick Ross calls the 50 beef “buffoonery.” He took nothing personal and was about to enjoy the entertainment like everyone else.
  • November 11: Ross calls out Eminem, 50 Cent, and Whoo Kid in random video vlog.


  • March: During one of his Instagram stunts, 50 cropped a very suspect picture of Ross and Diddy to insinuate that the two were leaning in for a kiss. The caption, "I ain't saying nothing, but something ain't right. Lmao." The picture was almost deleted immediately.
  • While on his return trip to The Breakfast Club in November to promote his new album Mastermind, the show hosts asked Ross his thoughts on the picture. The rapper said, “I mean, was he in his Pimpin’ Curly mode? If he wasn’t in Pimpin’ Curly you know I ain’t really move. Nah, not at all. You know we ain’t got time for that. We winning. Check the scoreboard. We running the numbers up high…Other than that put the wigs on for us. That’s when we enjoyed it and we laughed. Put the wigs on. You know what I mean? Go back to that. Other than that we gon’ keep getting this money.”


  • July: TMZ obtains a lawsuit that shows 50 Cent is attempting to sue Rick Ross, blaming him for leaking the sex tape and that he simply posted it to his website. He demands that any money that must be paid, Ross and his camp should handle the bulk of it.
  • July: 50 Cent is ordered to pay $5 million dollars to Lastonia Leviston for the leaking of her sex tape in 2009. The jury agreed that Lastonia suffered “severe emotional distress” after the tape’s release and the jury also found 50 guilty of violating her privacy rights. She won $2.5 million for the privacy violation and $2.5 million for emotional distress.
  • July 22: Rick Ross releases “Wing Stop Remix” and there’s a slight diss toward 50 Cent included. This came right after 50 filed for bankruptcy after which he was required to pay Lastonia Leviston, Ross baby mother that he used back in 2009. Leaking her sex tape to humiliate Rick is now going to cost him 5 million dollars. Ross didn’t let the chance to kick his old nemesis while he was down go to waste.
  • July 24: 50 Cent is ordered to pay Lastonia an additional $2 million for punitive damages. Bringing the total to 7 million dollars.
  • September 25: In a new lawsuit filed against his former groundskeeper, Jonathan Zamudio, who months prior accused the rapper of pistol-whipping him and locking him in a room that later led to Ross being arrested for assault and kidnapping, Ross claims that Zamudio’s story is fabricated and that he’s in cahoots with 50 Cent to frame him. In early September, 50 posted an Instagram photo with Zamudio and a length caption and it ends with “Now you pay.”
  • October: During a string of interviews while promoting his new album, Rick Ross discussed his rivalry with 50 Cent at almost every stop, commenting on 50’s ongoing bankruptcy issues. "Get rich or die trying, and now you bankrupt," he said during his interview with Angie Martinez
  • November: 50 decides to take a shot at his old friend on Instagram, poking fun at the new shirt that’s been added to the MMG store. Ross would respond. The two would go back and forth, even getting personal once Ross name drops 50’s son and that he would be interning at MMG.
  • November: 50 returns to Instagram with another shot. “A fat chicken, selling chicken them people know you got an ass whooping coming lol.”
  • December 10: 50 Cent abruptly stops his interview with P-Dice, a former Remy Boy to mock Ross’ album sales for “Black Market.” “34,000? Is that a rock or a brick?”
  • December 23: It’s reported that 50 Cent is seeking to sue Rick Ross for 2 million dollars over the rapper rapping over "In Da Club" for his Renzel Remixes mixtape, a project released before his Black Market album.


  • January: Rick Ross tells Rolling Stone that he’s the biggest L 50 Cent ever took.
  • January: 50 responds to the Rolling Stone interview with a post on Instagram where a Hyena is carrying the head of a severed deer. The caption, “When it's all said and done, I will have his HEAD. I said I was gonna talk less and do more this year, watch it play.”

Cruel, unusual, and outlandish, 50 Cent and Rick Ross seem to be on the path for a beef that will continue on for the rest of eternity. You would think after losing the lawsuit to Lastonia that Fif would begin to show some sort of chill but based on that last Instagram post, chill is far from his mind.

So I ask you, after becoming acquainted with the full history of their feud, what’s beef?

By Yoh, Two Quarter Yoh aka @Yoh31



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