Kanye Says His Best Friends Threatened to Kill Him on "No More Parties in L.A."

Last week it was the sex laptop, this week Kanye's shocking revelation is that his best friends threatened his life.

Another week, another great Kanye West song. I closed out 2015 worried that we'd lost Kanye the musician forever to Kanye the aspiring fashion icon, but his royal Yeezyness has come with the en fuego flames this January with the release of "Real Friends" and "No More Parties in L.A.," which in addition to being great songs, each contain at least one shocking line that Kanye casually drops and then moves on from without explanation.  

When he dropped "Real Friends" the easter egg was the existence of a $250,000 sex laptop he was blackmailed for by a cousin, a topic that comes up again at the end of "No More Parties." He's obviously still really, really pissed about that sex laptop. Like really pissed. And this week, buried in between a litany of lines about L.A. traffic and how much he hates agents, is this head-turner: 

"I had my life threatened by best friends who had selfish intents / What I'm supposed to do? / Ride around with a bulletproof car and some tints?"

Wait, I'm sorry...what? I'm not surprised to learn about that Kanye's received death threats, that feels obvious. Anyone famous gets death threats from the multitudes of crazies in the world, and given Kanye's history of political provocation and interrupting beloved white girls, he's got to be a giant target for the unhinged.

But this isn't some nutjob in his Twitter notifications, these are his "best friends" threatening to kill him. And that's not a metaphor, these aren't threats to kill his career by leaking embarrassing pics or lyrically assassinating him (word to Rick Ross), this is murder. As in murder-death. This is the kind of bodily threat that makes him at least consider buying a bulletproof car.

Let's just take a moment to think about how crazy receiving death threats from your best friends—not friend, friends, plural—really is. If that story's not true I wouldn't be surprised given his history of "borrowing" from other people's lives, but if it is true, it's no surprise that Kanye is so "crazy," the surprise is that he's this sane. 

So now I get to spend the rest of my week trying to figure out who these life-threatening friends are, and if history is any judge I'll be no closer to an answer when Kanye drops a new song in a week (or so) and subtly drops another bombshell that leaves me reeling. They may not be exactly on time, but these GOOD Fridays Pt. 2 releases, as I'm choosing to call them, have been fascinating so far.

I guess we should be thankful Kanye's alive to release any music at all. 

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