Study Says Chief Keef Swears More Per Song Than Any Rapper Ever

A new study breaks down the most swear-word using rappers of all-time.

There's nothing wrong with letting off the occasional obscenity, we all need to let off a little steam, but a new study by the musixmatch lab reveals that Chief Keef uses more profanities per song than any other popular rapper alive.

Lil Wayne holds the crown for most swear words ever, but that's primarily because he's simply released such a staggeringly high volume of music. Once the results are adjusted on a per-song basis, it's the young Chicago rapper who emerges on top (or on the bottom, depending on your perspective). 

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Interesting, right? And now comes the portion of the program where I ruin all the fun with facts.

First, frustratingly the authors of the study don't make clear what they're counting as a "profanity." They mention that some of the major players that were included—fuck, bitch, etc.—but what about some of the less obvious obscenities? Your average American may not know what "skeet" means, but that doesn't mean it's not obscene. And what about a word like "hell" that only the most straight-laced people still consider a swear word? George Carlin would have found this "profanity" study highly questionable.  

So for all you hardcore swearing scientists out there, you're right to view this study with some well-founded skepticism. And for those who don't particularly care about specifics and are just entertained by thinking about rap music and swear words, allow me to point out that Rick Ross' "Who the fuck you think you're fuckin wit' I'm the fuckin boss" holds the title for the most fucks per word in the opening line of a rap song. Now that's a fact. 



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