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Pusha T Says Big Sean's Next Album is "Ready"

This is the first we've really heard that Big Sean's album could be arriving sooner than later.

In a recent interview with STASHEDGOOD Music's newly appointed president, Pusha T, ran through a fairly predictable list of upcoming events.

Kanye's SWISH album is on the way and Pusha swears it sounds great—already knew that. Pusha T's King Push album is due to drop this year—already knew that. He's trying to put together the next Cruel Summer—already knew that. And Big Sean's next album is finished and ready—wait, what? 

As far as I can tell, this is the first official word that Big Sean's next project is on the horizon, but it makes sense. Dark Sky Paradise is about a year old now, so a release towards the end of 2016 would keep him on track with the "new album about every two years" pace he's kept up throughout his career, and that also means that we should likely expect the album's rollout out to start around this coming summer, after GOOD Music's done devoting all of its resources to SWISH.

And considering that Dark Sky Paradise was the most commercially and critically successful album of his career, this next project could really push him into rap's elite territory. 

That's a lot of hypotheticals though. If Sean's album is delayed until 2017 that would be far from the first time a rapper's album was pushed back, so let's all pump our brakes. But with or without the Detroit native, it's looking like 2016's going to end up being an enormous year for Kanye and company. Your move, TDE