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Memphis Bleek Says JAY-Z Likely Won't Drop Another Album

Could it be true? Could 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' really end up being the last album of Hov's legendary career?

Roc-A-Fella alum Memphis Bleek sat down with The Breakfast Club this morning and, of course, spent most of his time answering questions about Jay Z, ranging from the origins of the Nas beef to Jay telling him that he needed to change his name. But the most notable part of the interview happened when Bleek said that he doubts Hova will ever drop another album.   

“I don’t know if he’s retired, but I don’t think he’s dropping another album. He might drop songs here and there, you know pop up, do his thing, but album, I don’t know.”

Could it be true? Could Jay's legendary album run really have ended with Magna Carta Holy Grail? Bleek says that he still talks to Jay regularly, so if that's true, then he's a respectable source when it comes to Hova's musical intentions, and a lot of what Bleek says makes sense.

What does Jay Z still need to make music for? At this point in his career, Jay's got nothing left to prove by dropping another album, and every second spent in the studio is a second not spent making far more money building any of his other businesses. Hova could easily just drop the occasional dope guest verse and stay relevant in the music world without the risk and resource-drain that comes with releasing a new album.  

But this is also the same Jay Z that couldn't stay retired, the same Jay Z that so far hasn't been able to put down the mic for long. So until we get the official word from Hova himself, I'm going to hold out hope.

And even when Jay says he's done, how could we possibly believe him?