Ghostface Killah vs. "Shithead" Martin Shkreli is the Beef I've Been Praying For

Ghostface Killah and that terrible guy who bought the Wu-Tang album are in a war of words. Finally, here's a beef I can endorse.
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In a surprise street interview with TMZ (because how else does TMZ conduct its interviews?), Ghostface Killah called Martin Shkreli, the now infamous pharmaceutical CEO who grossly raised the price of AIDs medication and is the sole owner of Wu-Tang's Once Upon a Time in Shaolin album, a "shithead" and said that while the decision is completely out of his hands, he believes that Shkreli should return the music to the people where it belongs. 

Shrekli, who seems delighted to have successfully wormed his way into hip-hop, took the safety off of his Twitter fingers and fired right back at Ghost: 

I have to hand it to Shrekli, you can expect that "non-profit rapper" line to show up in someone's diss song soon, but otherwise this is nothing more than a petulant millionaire dragging even more of his dirt into hip-hop culture.

Ghost is not only my personal favorite emcee of all-time but undeniably an all-time great, so while I would have thought myself hard-pressed to dislike Shkreli more, he's somehow found a way.

I don't care enough about fashion to weight in on A$AP Rocky vs. Travis $cott, Ghostface versus Action Bronson was a non-starter, but Ghostface Killah vs. Martin Shkreli? Now here's a beef I can get behind without reservation. Your move Tony Starks

UPDATE: Ghost has responded: "C'mon bruh, you don't want to do it. I'll break your heart in four days."