This Snippet of ScHoolboy Q's New Single Will Make You Commit a Felony

After nearly two years, it appears as though Schoolboy Q is ready to hit us with that work.

Yawk Yawk Yawk Yawk!!!!!

Earlier this month, TDE president Dave Free discussed TDE’s plan to release albums this year from Isaiah Rashad, ScHoolboy Q, SZA, and Ab-Soul; an ambitious goal no doubt. Whether or not we will actually get four albums in the next 11 months only time will tell, but it’s looking more and more like a possibility. 

We recently received a new single from Isaiah Rashad and now it appears as though ScHoolboy isn't far behind. Similar to the rollout for Rashad's “Smile” and a new (yet to be released) effort from SZATDE founder Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith Instagrammed a short snippet of a new ScHoolboy Q song (perhaps entitled “Groovy Tony”). 



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Obviously little is known about the project or even the single, and we are still far away from a release date, but it’s been almost two years since Oxymoron dropped and his fans are surely chomping at the bit.

And if they weren't crazy hyped before, they sure are now because this is some vintage Q. In just a few seconds, ScHoolboy drops some middle-finger bars, mentioning AK's and the po-po over a lurching, gritty instrumental. Snippets often leave much to be desired but this one has me cookin' already. Death, taxes, and ScHoolboy Q bangers, at least there are a few things in life we can truly count on. 

Yawk Yawk Yawk indeed.



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