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Kanye Deletes Tweets After Ridiculously Petty Beef With Wiz Khalifa

Nothing to see here, just Kanye losing his mind over a Wiz Khalifa tweet.
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It all started last night when Kanye announced that his album SWISH would now be named WAVES and of course people reacted. 

Mick Jenkins, who previously released an EP named Waves,announced that his next album would be titled Swish, hilarious. Yet, the name that was seen most after Kanye’s tweets was Max B, and Wiz Khalifa was one of the loudest voices advocating that wavy begins and ends with Max B and that homage needed to be paid.

His timeline becomes a miniature shrine for the incarcerated street legend. 

Proper credit to Max B was eventually given by Kanye, but by Wiz' reaction, he wasn’t satisfied. 

Anyone following the interaction thought it was over but out of nowhere Kanye decided to come down from his throne and remind us he’s a mortal with very petty tendencies. 



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Kanye took Wiz' "hit this KK" as a shot at his wife, Kim Kardashian, and it was all he needed to go into a tirade about Wiz, his music, and, of course, cool pants. It will easily go down in history as one of his pettiest rants in history, filled with low blows and cheap shots, especially when when Kanye brings up Wiz’s son and ex-wife. Kanye's since deleted many of those tweets, but the internet doesn't forget—a sampling is below

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Khalifa only responded to Kanye's Twitter rant by pointing out that "KK" is a type of weed and that he gave up on Swish a long time ago.

That answer seemed to put Kanye at peace, or at least make him realize that he was being ridiculous and prompted him to delete many of his more over-the-line tweets about Wiz and focus instead on "positivity." 

While moderately entertaining, it’s also supremely awkward to see two grown men publicly at odds. It’s really just a reminder that no man is above being childish, even superstar stoners and creative geniuses. Drake may be the 6 God, Gucci Mane may be the Trap Lord, but without a doubt Yeezus is the Petty Gawd.

What a time to have WiFi.

By Yoh, aka Yoh Never Petty aka @Yoh31



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