Surprise! J. Cole Releases Live Version of "Forest Hills Drive"

In honor of his birthday, J.Cole gives his fans a gift

To celebrate his 31st birthday, newly-married emcee J. Cole has delivered a gift to his fans in the form of a live album, Forest Hills Drive: Live, which is now available for digital purchase.

The LP contains 13 live recordings from Cole’s hometown show in Fayetteville, North Carolina, which, of course, was the subject of Cole’s recent HBO special.

According to iTunes, the project includes 12 cuts from 2014 Forest Hills Drive and an intermission featuring "Lights Please," "In The Morning," and "Nobody’s Perfect." 

Cole, ever a man of his people, sent four lucky fans an advance copy, who promptly took to Twitter to brag share.

A new marriage, a live rendition of his platinum-selling album (documented by HBO no less), and a birthday to boot? What's next, an album with Kendrick
Jermaine is having quite the year already. Let's face it: It’s a Cole world and we’re all really just living in it. Congrats and happy birthday Jermaine!

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