Kendrick Lamar Says "To Pimp a Butterfly" Will Still Be Relevant in 20 Years

While Drake makes music for the moment Kendrick explains why he's focused on albums that will be able to last for decades.

Drake may be writing punchlines about Obama, but Kendrick Lamar is talking to Obama.

As both Kendrick Lamar and Drake continue to emerge as the biggest hip-hop voices of their generation, it's increasingly interesting to compare and contrast their respective approaches. Drake is the master of the moment, able to capture the world's attention in the internet age like no one else. And Kendrick Lamar? As he explained in this interview with Time, originally from December but truly making the internet rounds today because it's fittingly more relevant than ever in the wave of the latest salvo in the Drake vs. Meek Mill "beef," Kendrick Lamar is quite deliberately bypassing the now in favor of the future. 

"It's not a concept I want you to grasp in one day. I want it to live forever. To Pimp a Butterfly, twenty years from now it'll probably be more relevant [sic] to your life than it is today."

On a day when Drake's absolutely dominating Twitter conversations thanks to his new "Summer Sixteen" song, it's fascinating to hear Kendrick talk about attempting to capture attention spans over the course of years, not days or even months. One approach isn't neccesarily better than the other, Drake's obviously doing just fine for himself, but studying how two masters work to dominate their respective lanes can teach us a lot about how works in 2016. And if Kendrick's right, his mastery will only truly reveal itself in the coming decades. 

[By Nathan S, the managing editor of DJBooth and a hip-hop writer. His beard is awesome. This is his Twitter. Photo via Instagram.]



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