Kanye West: Kendrick Lamar is the "God MC"

Move over Rakim, in a new interview Kanye says there's a new god emcee in the game.

Today L.A. radio host Big Boi got Kanye West on the phone to talk about his ever-changing album titles (yawn), his ridiculous Twitter beef with Wiz Khalifa (nap) and if Drake really does have a bigger pool (goodnight). But buried in between all that... 

"With Kendrick, that's God MC. Can't no record go out without him approcing the mix, the sound of his voice, everything like that. So we called up Top Dawg [Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith], Top Dawg came by the crib, and we got the blessings to drop the joint."

Well...damn then. 

First, the whole "God MC" title is already taken by Rakim, just like the whole WAVES title was already taken by Max B, but that's semantics. I don't think Yeezy was thinking through that quote that carefully. It didn't feel like that was meant to diminish Rakim as much as it was meant to elevate Kendrick. 

I'm more interested in the fact that Kanye West, a man who's routinely referred to himself as the greatest artist of all-time, just put Kendrick Lamar on that pedestal. To know that K. Dot is now so powerful that he gets final song approval over even Yeezus Christ himself is an incredible sign of Kendrick's status in hip-hop right now. Who else would Kanye defer to? JAY-Z, maybe Drake? It's got to be a short list. 

I just can't bring myself to continue to care about album titles and social media drama (although I'll remain forever obsessed with Kanye's sex laptop) but finally, here's a good old-fashioned hip-hop conversation worth having.

Just who is the God MC in 2016? Kanye made his call, now talk amongst yourselves...