Holy Sh*t, Kevin Gates' "Islah" Album Almost Outsold Rihanna & Adele

Kevin Gates new album almost knocked Adele out of the number two spot. We won't lie, we didn't see this coming.

HitsDailyDouble has this week's album sales numbers and there's one big surprise.

Rihanna's ANTI is predictably popular, Adele's still putting numbers on the board, no news there. But I did a double take when I saw that Kevin Gates's Islah wasn't just the number-one rap album in the country but the number three album overall. Or to put it more bluntly, holy shit, Kevin fucking Gates wasn't far off from outselling Adele and Rihanna, and he did outsell SIA.

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I'll be honest, I knew Kevin Gates was popular, he clearly has a loyal fanbase, but I didn't quite grasp just how popular he is until now.

As I've been preaching, it's hard to put much stock in these numbers exactly, calculating "sales" based on streams and Samsung giveaways can be an inexact science, but the larger point still holds. Anyone who can still break 100K in first week sales is in an elite class in 2016, and at least for one week Kevin Gates' picture is right below Adele's, so if you were similarly sleeping on the strength of the Bread Winners' Association, let this serve as a big hot cup of album sales espresso. 

Word to @CRS_One for the spot. 


[By Nathan S, the managing editor of DJBooth and a hip-hop writer. His beard is awesome. You can follow him on Twitter. Image via Instagram.]