Cheat Code Album Review: Wiz Khalifa's "Khalifa"

Wiz Khalifa's new album packs plenty of loud for this loyal fans to roll up to but now much more.

Chuck Taylors and camo shorts, full sleeves and loud packs, a common college kid combination that I relate back to when Wiz Khalifa was on the rise.

Feels like yesterday Kush & Orange Juice was the soundtrack to bong rips and tattoo parties. For those who came up in the internet age, Wiz is the Cheech to Curren$y’s Chong. There were no two rappers that embodied cool and stayed as stoned, they turned their lifestyle into a career in music. For those that were living the high life, it was the soundtrack to their lives. It was also embraced by those that didn’t walk in the shoes but watched from afar.

I’m a bit surprised that I’m writing about Wiz’s sixth studio album, when he rose from the underground riding a kush cloud I didn’t know how long he would last. He's still lowkey cool but a lot richer now. His fashion has changed, it’s more preppy rock star chic than bourgeois stoner. He’s been married, divorced and now has a child, had one of the biggest songs of 2015 period with "See You Again" and finds himself in Twitter fights with superstars. He’s far from the young, fly stoner that turned Taylor Gang from a lifestyle to a cult, but his love for Mary hasn’t changed a bit.

Whether you're a longtime Taylor or a new roller thinking about copping Wiz' latest, here's your Cheat Code review. Everything you need to know about the album on one page. 


Cabin Fever 3was released on December 15, just shy of two months ago. He built up such an excitement for the third installment of his popular series that it was a surprise how soon new music began to surface.

With Rolling Papers 2 confirmed for a 2016 release back in November, all the songs that came after CF3 were assumed to be from his upcoming sequel album. Instead, it’s February 5 and Wiz just released Khalifa – an almost surprise album that seems to be a spur of the moment decision.

Fans are being well fed, but it does raise the question of if the quality can match the quantity. Thanks to Fast & Furious his name is bigger than ever, can he capitalize on the momentum with a great new project?


“Bake Sale”

Performance footage of Wiz and Travi$ performing this song created a viral demand for the studio edition. Fans craved whatever edibles were being made in their bakery. With all the excitement that surrounded the record, some noticed that the production sounded exactly like G Eazy’s “Order More” from his When It's Dark Out album.

A misunderstanding placed the beat in both hands and G was quicker on the draw with his release. A revamp had to be made for the song to be released without fearing lawsuits. It’s catchy, I believe anytime Travi$ Scott is able to channel his inner Rae Sremmurd it’s a certified hit. Think “Antidote” with Wiz’s energetic flow in-between the hypnotic hook. A very solid record.





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This song caught my attention due to Wiz flexing his storytelling muscle. It’s still centered on his favorite themes of Pittsburgh, women, marijuana and money, but “Cowboy” shows how greed led to the demise of one man who couldn’t get enough of the life. I would never imagine the rapper that made “Take Yo Bitch” would write a song where a man is killed due to his affinity for sleeping with other men’s girlfriends.

Maturity is funny, even when it only comes in dabs.


Love the production, warm and minimal, perfect for reflection. Wiz' introspection never dives into the deep end but it’s an enjoyable change of pace. When he sings his hooks, it’s a hit or miss and while this one leans closer to a miss it’s far from the worst. The song ends with Wiz and his son Sebastian, the two have a moment that will melt a few Taylor hearts. 


By far my favorite record, this is the song that every Wiz fan looks forward to. You can have an album full of weed songs but that doesn’t mean every song is worthy of being smoked to. “Lit” is the one for your wake and bake, the blunt sessions in the basements, the hot boxing before a concert. Ty Dolla is featured and his vocals float perfectly, he knows how to be an added texture brings value to every record he touches. Hook, verses, beat, background vocals, the title says it all.

“Call Waiting”

It took a few listens but “Call Waiting” teeters between honorable mention and standout status. Wiz decides to do his variation of singing, it’s nothing that would impress Simon Cowell, but it fits the song. A love record that is a bit immature, what you expect a high schooler to leave on the voicemail of his sweetheart. Far from groundbreaking, don’t expect this to change rhythm and blues but it has a charm that I’m having difficulties denying. Just know it’s far less corny that “Roll Up.”


Khalfia isn’t Taylor Allderdice or the second coming of Kush & OJ, don’t go into it with expectations those high or you'll be disappointed. It isn’t bad, Wiz is very much describing the life of a man living high and wealthy but after giving so much of his lifestyle it starts to sound banal. He isn’t telling us anything that we haven’t heard.

I’m disappointed that “King Of Everything,” “Burn Slow,” “Outside” and “Just Because” failed to make the final cut. These records are loosies worthy of album placements - maybe they will make their way on Rolling Papers 2?

Wiz is still the coolest stoner on this side of the internet, but he’s been throwing the same party since 2009. 

[By Yoh, aka Y.G.O.D, aka @Yoh31]



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