Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd Co-Wrote Beyoncé's "Formation," But Ebro's Still Hating

Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd co-wrote Beyonce's "Formation," but, as they say, haters gon' hate.

Not that we needed the reminder, but on Saturday, a day before her performance at halftime of Super Bowl 50, Beyoncé casually cruised in and reminded the world that she is still the queen of everything.

Simply put: "Formation" bangs like a Sia wig. The record has attitude and energy—it’s (Sasha) fierce—but it’s also pretty smart. Both the video and the lyrics deliver much more than just “turn up” appeal, which is why it may surprise you that the Mike WiLL Made It-produced effort was co-written by Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd.

I am about the furthest thing from a Rae Sremmurd fan, but color me impressed. This track is very well constructed, and Swae’s input shouldn't be lost on listeners. Regardless of how you feel about Rae Sremmurd, a co-writing credit for Beyoncé, one of the most popular, renown artists in music, is a great look and should be applauded.

It's hard not to be impressed...unless, of course, your name is Ebro (aka the human wet blanket).

After hearing about the collaboration, the Hot 97 Program Director/DJ/personality/self-admitted troll, who first made waves in December when he claimed the pair don't write any of their own rhymes, took to Twitter to throw shade like a palm tree.

If it wasn't before, it’s clear now that Ebro has an ax to grind with Rae Sremmurd. Last year he was bitter when Sremmlife was named the number 3 album of the year by Complex and now this.

Interestingly, Ebro doesn't have an issue praising Babyface for co-writing songs and when he interviewed the producer of Kanye’s "All Day" (a song with about a million co-writers) he made no mention of his issues with co-writing, but now that it’s Rae Sremmurd its somehow a bad thing?

As I've made clear, I'm not a Rae Sremmurd fan and I've never listened to their music for enjoyment, but isn't it possible to not like an artist and still applaud them on a tremendous achievement?

After all, as is obvious, songwriting with or for Beyoncé is most definitely a tremendous achievement. 


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