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Ab-Soul Is Frustrated With TDE Over Album Delay, But Everything Is OK

Rapper Twitter rants against their label have become a regular occurrence, but Ab-Soul's latest is different...

It’s a tale as old as Twitter.

Rapper wants to release music. Rapper gets frustrated with label. Rapper takes to social media to vent frustration via epic Twitter rant. Bloggers then document the feud. At first it looked like this exact scenario would unfold today with TDE emcee Ab-Soul.

With Kendrick still riding high off TPAB (and attending the Super Bowl with Jay Z), Isaiah Rashad’s highly-anticipated album imminent and SZA and ScHoolboy in the on-deck circle, TDE is on a hell of a tear right now. Unfortunately, for Ab-Soul, that means patiently waiting your turn.

The Carson, California native has felt like the black sheep of the TDE family for a minute now - especially after the These Days stumble - but it appears his frustration has reached an all-time high.

Nothing like a subtle subtweet or three to get rumors swirling...

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Normally this would be labeled as a "rant" and the latest chapter in an occasionally public conflict with one of the most successful labels in rap, but TDE is not your average label. Instead of going off the handle, Ab-Soul ended his brief diatribe with a remarkably level-headed, rational tweet.

It’s rare to see that. I’m sure Ab-Soul wants his music released more than anything, I’m sure it’s hard to see his fellow labelmates get buzz and attention for upcoming albums while he kind of gets pushed to the margins, but still, he approached the situation with a maturity that many others simply don’t have. After all, what good would it do him to attack his "family" on a social network?

Instead of freaking out, the now-veteran emcee put his ego aside and put faith into the label family that has raised him. As a result, perhaps, good karma is in his favor. Upon seeing Solo’s tweets, TDE’s founder Anthony Tiffith (AKA Dangeroo Kipawaa) responded and the two had a pleasant exchange.

So the news here is there's really no news at all, and in today's climate that’s definitely news. Ab-Soul, frustrated with his position in line at the label, vents on Twitter, his boss acknowledges his frustration, and now they are ready to move forward and perhaps begin to release some music. That's how all of this should work every time.

Granted, with Isaiah Rashad, ScHoolboy and SZA’s albums first on the docket, it might be a while, but at the very least Soulo seems willing to wait his turn and Tiffith seems open to rewarding his patience.

Who knows, it may be sooner than we think? Lace up the J’s.

[Lucas Garrison is a writer for His favorite album is College Dropout but you can also tweet him your favorite Migos songs at @LucasDJBooth. Art via Instagram.]



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