Kanye Reveals T.L.O.P Meaning, Shares Final Album Tracklisting

For the fourth and, presumably, final time Kanye West reveals the title of his new album, which will be released on Thursday, February 11.


Earlier this week, Kanye tweeted out the acronym as his new album title and dared his million of followers to try and decode what it stood for.

After 24 hours, Kanye has revealed the new title on a fresh notebook page. It stands for: The Life Of Pablo.

The question is, which Pablo? Could it be an album themed around Netflix users favorite drug kingpin? Maybe he was inspired by the genius of Pablo Picasso? Personally, I hope that Kanye has decided to dedicate his latest album to the very underrated Petey Pablo.

With the new title comes an update to the track listing. There’s no indication if the album is still separated into three different acts. “No More Parties In L.A” has been removed but “Real Friends” remain. “Wolves” is now the closing track and “Ultra Light Beam” has been moved up as the intro.

What was once “Waves” is now “Freestyle 4” and “30 Hours” is replaced by “Feedback.” These could be title changes or simply new songs, I stopped trying to guess what Kanye is doing two album titles ago.

With a release date set for tomorrow, all will soon be revealed. There’s no telling what will happen next but stay tuned to Kanye’s Twitter I’m sure it will be there first.

Side note: I thought Chance The Rapper nailed it with “The Love Of Pussy,” maybe he will keep it for his next album?

[By Yoh, aka @Yoh31. Image via Twitter.]



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