Majid Jordan Debut Flops, OVO Can't Make Anyone but Drake a Star

So far Drake's co-sign power has done more for strangers than for the people actually signed to his label.

Sometimes it's the music that doesn't make the charts that tells a story. 

This week's album sales numbers just hit the presses internet and while it's easy to be drawn to some of the big names—Future's EVOL album sold over 100K copies—we noticed one name that was completely missing; Majid Jordan.

Last week the OVO crooners, also known as those dudes who slept in a tent while working at Drake's songwriting factory, released their self-titled album but that project's nowhere to be found on the Top 50 albums list, meaning it sold under 4,800 copies. The Tedeschi Trucks Band made Top 50, Adele's 19 album from seven years ago made the Top 50, but there's nary a Majid or a Jordan to be found. 

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That says something about Majid Jordan's specific popularity, but on a larger level, it speaks to OVO's consistent failure to find real success with other artists besides their 6 God. Majid Jordan couldn't even break 4,800 in sales with a Drake verse on the album, and the duo's far from the label's only artist to have trouble translating Drizzy's popularity into their own success.

Makonnen's debut album with the label, ILoveMakonnen, peaked at a paltry 78 on the charts, and 2015's follow up, ILoveMakkonen2, failed to chart at all. PARTYNEXTDOOR has to be considered the label's second most popular artist after Drake, but the truth is that's not saying a whole lot. His only full album release on the label, PartyNextDoor Two, debuted at number 15 on the charts and then quickly fell—not a flop, but not a true success either. The only real star to come out of the OVO camp so far is The Weeknd, and he eventually declined to officially sign his name on the dotted line and left to find his superstar mainstream success under Republic Records

We talk a lot about the power of a Drake co-sign, and that power is real, but the simple truth is so far that power has done more for strangers than for the people signed to his label. OVO's story is far from over, though, it's still a relatively young label. Let's wait at least another year before issuing any final verdicts. After all, they're just a Ramriddlz platinum album away from being able to claim top label status.



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