Vic Mensa Dissing Drake Is Dumb, Not Dangerous

Roc Nation signee Vic Mensa takes shots at Drake on his latest single, could be in real "Danger" as a result.

Look, there's new music from a Chicago emcee!

No, not that Chicago emcee.

As the world plays The Life Of Pablo on endless loop, Vic Mensa has rather quietly released the final version of “Danger,” a track we first heard at the end of Kanye's MSG listening session.

The real danger, of course, is releasing a song on the same day that Kanye finally drops his new album, but there are a few lines in "Danger" which may help Mensa increase the song's digital shelf life; at the very least they should raise an eyebrow or two. 

I don't like the way that niggas talking like they bullet proof / Until they gotta find out what a bullet do / Catch two in your Canada Goose / It'll turn a nigga into proof, ooh

“Talking like they bulletproof”? That sure sounds like a reference to a standout line on Drake's "Summer Sixteen," where he raps “Tell Obama that my verses are just like the whips that he in / They bulletproof.”

“Catch two in your Canada Goose”? Again, shades of another "Summer Sixteen" lyric, “That Kai's kitchen in a Canada Goose.”

As is typically the case with diss records, shots are often subtle and rarely direct, but even Stevie Wonder could read between these lines. Considering Drake called himself the new Hov, could Vic, the newest signee of Jay Z’s Roc Nation label, have taken his words personally? Again, it’s hard to say with 100% certainty, but if it quacks like a duck… 

Mensa will undoubtedly deny he fired any shots, that is if he even acknowledges the speculation in the first place, but there are just too many similarities between the records to pass this off as coincidence. If it is a diss, I’d imagine Vic has already isolated some fans by referencing deceased D12 emcee Proof, and as we all know public opinion is where rap beefs are won. God forbid he awakens the beast that is Eminem.

Stepping to Drake can result in more attention and more Soundcloud plays, but it can also leave you plastered on the halls of the internet as the new meme. Just ask Meek Mill if living dangerously is the way to go.

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