TDE Emcee Jay Rock Badly Injured in Motorcycle Crash

On Kendrick Lamar's big night at the GRAMMYs, tragedy strikes his labelmate and close friend.

Life is a motherfucker.

For hip-hop and Top Dawg Entertainment, the 58th annual GRAMMY Awards will be a night to remember. Kendrick’s To Pimp A Butterfly took home multiple awards, he gave an on-air shoutout to many of rap's legends who never won a golden Gramophone, and he gave an absolutely mesmerizing performance. It was supposed to be a evening full of love, admiration, and praise, but now, there’s a big black cloud hanging over an otherwise perfect night.

Following Kendrick's live performance, TDE CEO Anthony 'Top Dawg' Tiffith tweeted heartbreaking news about Black Hippy member Jay Rock:

Kendrick will undoubtedly and deservingly receive a tremendous amount of love on his special night, but while we praise him - as we most definitely should - it's important to remember that with out Jay Rock we wouldn't have Kendrick, To Pimp A Butterfly, “Untitled 3” or endless debates on who bodied “Money Tree.”

We will wait for more details from the TDE family, but for now, as we celebrate Kendrick, be sure to send some good vibes to Jay Rock.

Update:  Tiffith has since let us know Jay Rock's injuries are not life-threatening, but he is still badly injured. 

UPDATE: A new IG post seems to find Jay Rock well on the way to recovery. 

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