A$AP Rocky Says Drake Put Him On, Gave Him Envelopes Full of Cash

"I'll forever—forever!—owe Drake. I'm so grateful."

We've been talking a lot lately about Drake's inability to get anyone actually signed to his OVO label to truly pop while simultaneously jump-starting the careers of non-OVO artists.

And now you don't have to rely on my industry analysis to know that's true because here's A$AP Rocky talking openly about how Drake was the first and only person to support him early in his career. And by "support" I don't just mean bringing him on tour, Drake would deliver cases of champagne and envelopes full of cash to Rocky's room so he didn't want for anything. 

Rocky's obviously taking the positive approach here, that Drake's early co-sign was out of pure love, and of course, he feels that way. It's hard to think ill of anyone who hands you envelopes full of money (not that I'd know). The more cynical version is that Drake's largely built his career on being able to spot talent early and making sure he was riding the wave, from Rocky to Kendrick to Migos and beyond.

Of course, both those things can be true simultaneously. Drake could be a true fan who's supporting artists he likes out of love while also knowing that hey, if this person blows up, then great, he'll have a strong relationship with another popular artist.

The lines between greed and generosity can get very blurry in the music industry - hell, the lines between greed and generosity can get blurry in life in general. All we can say for sure is that out of the many things Rocky should be grateful for, one is that he didn't end up signed to OVO, only co-signed.

The odds of an artist blowing up that way are much higher.


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