Drake Wrote on Two Songs on Kanye's 'The Life of Pablo' Album

We went through all 103 people who contributed to Kanye's latest and were shocked to discover Drake got songwriting credit for these two songs.

We just spent the last three days breaking down all 103 people who worked on Kanye's The Life of Pablo album, and while we certainly uncovered some gems, the diamond was that Drake got songwriting credits on two songs: "30 Hours” and "Facts." 

How did this not come out sooner? The most popular artist of his generation writing with the greatest artist of all-time ever in history ever (according to Kanye) seems like it would have made headlines weeks ago, but Drizzy's contributions to The Life of Pablo have somehow been kept under wraps until just now. Until yesterday, the only Graham we knew was on Kanye's album was Drake's uncle, Larry Graham, who wrote the song Yeezy sampled for "No More Parties in LA." 

As soon as I learned that Drake worked on those two songs I immediately went back to them to try to uncover his exact contributions. It's not immediately obvious what he could have written, although what's more Drake than driving for 30 hours because of a dramatic relationship?

"Facts" on the other hand has Drake's fingerprints all over it. In fact (pun intended), my primary complaint with the record is what a Drake knockoff it sounds like, from the flow to punchlines. Drake very well might simply have been included for the "Jumpman" line, but I've got a feeling he did much more.   

A few months ago, Kanye admitted that Drake had taken over the game from him, and now that Drake ended up contributing to his album not once but twice, we know he really meant it. As they say, keep your real friends close and your competition even closer. 

UPDATE: Kanye tweeted that Drake also worked on "Father Stretch My Hands," although apparently not enough to earn an official songwriting credit.