Cash Money Ordered To Pay $1.1 Million, Good Luck With That

Cash Money just lost a big court case, but if you know Birdman's history you know he's unlikely to actually pay up.

Water is wet, Rick Ross is hungry, and Cash Money owes someone money.

Last year, we highlighted some of Cash Money’s various lawsuits but while their battle with Lil Wayne was well documented, one that didn't get much attention was their feud with Jay Sean.

Well now that little talked about case has come to an end and Cash Money is on the wrong side of the law. As reported by TMZ, the Cash Money Millionaires owe a cool million to Orange Factory Music, who produced for Jay Sean while he was signed to the label. 

Orange Factory Music won a $1.1 million judgment for producing several of Jay's tracks ... including 2009's "Down," "Fire," "Do You Remember" and "Lights Off." Orange Factory sued because, like a lot of people, it says Cash Money wasn't paying royalties.

TMZ also reported that the label has 21 days to pay up, which made me audibly laugh. Birdman gets change for double cheeseburgers and still owes Mikkey Halsted half-a-million from a deal now decades old, what makes anyone think he’s going to pay $1 million on time? 

This ruling shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone but it’s worth reporting because of Cash Money’s history. It's amazing how shady they really are and their nefarious business practices really can't be highlighted enough.

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