Kanye Plays Dope New "Closest Thing to Einstein" Song, Adds Fuel to Taylor Swift Fire

Kanye just played a new song I wish had made "The Life of Pablo" and doubled down on calling Taylor Swift a liar.

The Kanye West train isn't even close to running out of steam, but while I just don't have the energy to keep tabs on his tweets anymore, I will tune in for new music, especially when it sounds this good.  

Apparently titled "Closest Thing to Einstein," Kanye played the track during an appearance at L.A. club 1OAK, and even though it's a rip of live audio, it sounds absolutely gorgeous.

Can we please get Sampha on more songs? Can someone find a DeLorean and a Mr. Fusion, travel back in time, and put this song on "The Life Of Pablo" instead of "Facts," please? If I have to meet some Libyans in a mall parking lot to make it happen, I'm willing to do it. 

Fair warning, the powers that be will likely kill these streams soon, so listen while you can. It's also currently streaming on SoundCloud

As long as we're here, it's worth mentioning that last night Kanye also doubled down on the "Taylor Swift's a liar" claim. (For those who have somehow managed to so far miss the drama, Swift was publicly offended by Kanye's "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex, I made that bitch famous" line on "Famous," even slamming him at the GRAMMYs, although 'Ye claims that she gave her approval for it before he released it.) I'm usually not one for celebrity squabbles, but this one's lowkey fascinating. Of course most people believe Swift when she says she didn't approve the line and think Kanye is lying because he's Kanye the "crazy ranter," but what if?

What if Swift is actually the one lying here, masterfully playing Kanye, setting him up and then making him look like the villain again while she further cements her place as America's sweetheart. It's a little conspiracy theory-ish, but not that crazy. After all, we've heard some other sources side with Kanye. With the possible exception of Drake, Swift understands how to capitalize on the internet age and play the modern public relations game better than any other artist of her generation. It's time to break out the lie detector tests and settle this once and for all. 

By Nathan S, the managing editor of DJBooth and a hip-hop writer. His beard is awesome. This is his Twitter.


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