TDE Says ScHoolboy Q's Album Dropping Before Summer

TDE vaguely confirms that new SZA and Rashad projects are still on the way, but its Groovy Q that will definitely arrive in a matter of months.

Earlier this year, TDE founder Anthony Tiffith hinted at new albums from ScHoolboy, Ab-Soul, SZA & Isaiah Rashad. Granted they’ve been busy with ups and downs, but since dropping a bomb like that - four albums in one year!?! - things have been all quiet on the West Coast front. Naturally, fans are hungry and they aren't afraid to let the label know (Go look at any of Isaiah Rashad's tweets).

As the de facto spokesman for the label, Tiffith has been inundated with questions about the albums and pleas for updates (even Lebron wants some new TDE material), and in a rare moment, he actually responded to some of them. He gave an update on SZA (it's coming "soon"), re-assured us that a Rashad album is coming, and even mentioned the plethora of Kendrick’s unreleased material.

Still, much of it was vague and provided no new information. Except for one tweet. Schoolboy Q’s new album is expected before summer! It's not exactly a specific release date, but for a secretive label, it's something.

Unless you live in California (where it’s summer every damn day) you can feel the seasons changing. It’s almost spring, which means we're one season closer to summer. If ScHoolboy’s album is, in fact, dropping before summer than it really shouldn't be too long; a matter of months really.

While this does answer some questions it also raises even more. If ScHoolboy’s release is so close, when are we getting a single? Is Rashad’s album still expected before then? TDE’s commitment to doing things the right way, ensuring everything they drop is perfect, is what has made us friends, and fittingly, also what makes us want to pull our hair out.

Lucas Garrison is a writer for DJBooth. His favorite album is College Dropout but you can also tweet him your favorite Migos songs at @LucasDJBooth. Illustration by Ash.



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