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Young Thug vs. Plies: Who Has More Hit Songs?

I'm as surprised to be writing this as you are to be reading this, but let's respect the sheer volume of big hits Plies has put out.

It would be a stretch to claim that the Young Thug and Plies “beef” that’s been bubbling for weeks is heating up. To call their thumb war a “beef” disrespects everything Biggie taught us about feuds in rap.

Unless Thug delivers the slap he promised on Sway, I expect their intense disagreements to be forgotten by the end of winter. But yesterday their dispute took an interesting turn on social media. Thugger caught wind of Plies recent interview with Complex where he claims that Thug is beneath him, an artist on a completely lower tier. Thug returned fire with a stream of tweets, in the flurry of “I’m rich and you’re old” messages Thug also claimed to have more hits than Plies.

Thug is hot, popular, and has more than a few big records tucked in his massive catalog. The kind of big records that will send the club going up on any given Tuesday. “Stoner,” “Check,” and “Best Friend” are all singles that charted on Billboard Top 100. ”Stoner” is Thug's highest charting solo record at number four on the Top Rap chart. His exuberant assistance on Tyga’s “Hookah” and T.I’s “About The Money” made both records summer smashes and “Lifestyle” was the monster that unleashed Rich Gang to the world. There’s also the deep cuts and mixtape records that will blow the roof off a house party. Thug has hits, in the mainstream and underground, but his claim completely discredits Plies' Rolodex of smashes.

Plies may currently be more popular on Instagram than the radio but that wasn’t always the case. Plies entered the game with a hit record, his 2007 single “Shawty” was massive, a number one rap song and number nine on Billboard’s Top 100. His second single, “Hypnotized,” charted high, and his third single, “Bust It Baby Part 2,” went number seven on Billboard’s Top 100.  All certified gold.



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He would have seven more solo singles chart between 2008-2010, but never as high as the first three. There’s also the big collaborations like DJ Khaled’s “I’m So Hood,” Gucci Mane’s “Wasted,” Usher’s “Daddy’s Home” and Jeezy’s “Lose My Mind.” Then you have the classics like “Becky,” “Get You Wet,” and “Put It on Ya” that they still play at the filthiest of parties

If we’re basing hits off the Billboard metric scale, it’s no contest. Plies has charted higher with way more records. He’s also been in the game longer and released more albums. He peaked early and hasn’t had a big record in some years, but he’s far from a one-hit-wonder.

Thug is a newer artist, with a massive cult following, but he hasn’t been able to conquer radio the way Plies did in 2007. Plies may not be the definition of a goon he portrayed himself to be but he had a good run while it lasted, and in some ways it’s still going. Instagram adores him, the plug is chasing him, and he seems to be living with more than less. Thug is the artist of the moment but he still has a lot to prove before he can back up his bark.

I'm surprised to be writing this sentence, but let's give Plies his just due.

By Yoh, aka Lil Yoh From The 404, aka @Yoh31. Image(s) via Instagram.



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