This New Frank Ocean Snippet Sounds Like Heaven Behind a Closed Door

I'd given up hope for a new Ocean album, but this secret snippet from a listening session is so good I'm crazy excited again.

Now that Detox is officially dead, Jay Electronica's album is officially number one on the So Long Awaited It May Never Actually Drop list, but Frank Ocean's new album isn't far behind. Incredibly, it's now been almost four years since Channel Orange was released and since then we've essentially heard no new music from the man

That's why fans were whipped into a frenzy last summer when Frank seemed to announce that his new album was on the way, but the supposed release date came and went with nary a new note of music. And then, just when you thought all hope had been extinguished, rumors surfaced today of a secret listening session that had just taken place in New York City, and because this is the year of our lord 2016, someone secretly recorded some of the album from outside the door.

With the caveat that it was indeed recorded through a door, it really does sound kind of amazing. Frank's semi-rapping, you can feel some heavenly vibes even with the audio quality so low. I can already tell this is gonna be the 2016 version of waiting for the "Wolves" CDQ to drop. 

Fair warning, there's a good chance this stream is going to get shut down faster than an out of control high school house party, so listen while you can: 

I was definitely one of those people who had given up hope for a new album from Ocean, years of covering the music industry have taught me to trust album release rumors as far as I can throw them, but while we still don't have a title or release date, that snippet's so good I'm back in. Let's do this Frank. Whether it takes another week, month or a year, I remember now just how incredible your music can be.

I can't say I'm waiting patiently, but I'm waiting...

By Nathan S, the managing editor of DJBooth and a hip-hop writer. His beard is awesome. This is his Twitter. Image via Instagram.



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