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Action Bronson & Ghostface's "Beef" Is Finally Dead & Buried

Hopefully, this also puts an end to the lazy "Action Bronson sounds like Ghost" comparisons too.

Action Bronson's "conflict" with Ghostface Killah had to be the most disappointing...I keep looking for a word other than "beef"....rapper "issue" of 2015. I love both emcees, and to see him and Ghost exchanging shots was like watching your parents fight in the car on the way home from your birthday party. 

Thankfully, it appears as the dust has settled between the two, and today Action went on Hot 97 to talk about the aftermath of Ghostfacegate. 

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They're right in that Action clearly got baited into saying something inflammatory. Let's not pretend like cable television is some bastion of intelligent discussion. They're looking for controversial soundbites, they knew Action had heard the Ghostface comparisons so many times it had to be a raw nerve for him, and they jabbed at him until they got the reaction they were looking for. At the same time, he's ultimately the only one responsible for what he said, he apologized as he should have, and hopefully that's the end of that. 

Hopefully, the other good thing that comes out of this is that we can put the Action and Ghostface comparisons to rest too, they were always lazy. Both are stream of consciousness rappers with outsized personalities who are equally capable of being both hilarious and tough, but that doesn't make them identical, it makes them two members of the same rare species. Of course Action was influenced in some degree by Ghost, like Ghost was influenced by Slick Rick and Nas, but it never crossed the line from influence to biting. 

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It looks like we can finally put an end to this particularly distasteful piece of hip-hop history, and while both Action and Ghost on the same track may be too much to hope for, I still can't help but wish.



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