What Retirement? Dr. Dre's "Working Right Now" on New Music

Dre said that 'Compton' would be his last album, but Anderson .Paak reveals that he's currently working on a secret new project.

It took sixteen years and at least five scrapped albums for Dr. Dre to finally release DetoxCompton, a journey that was so long and meandering I literally made shirts about it.  

The release of Compton came with a promise from Dre that it was his grand finale, the last album he'd ever release, although according to newly-minted Aftermath signee Anderson .Paak, the good doctor is having some second thoughts about completely pulling the plug on his solo career. 

"He's working right now, doing a lot of work right now, I can't really speak on it. "

While it's tempting to get the ol' album anticipation engine revving again, I didn't detox for that many years to be so easily convinced that another Dre album is on the way. After all, who knows what this mysterious "work" is. It could be Anderson's next album, Kendrick's next album, a movie soundtrack, some top secret venture so mind-blowing I can't even conceive of it. And even if he is "working" on a new album, let's not be so quick to forget that Dre has thrown away more music than most ever make, a fact Anderson acknowledges later in the interview:   

"It was so quick [recording with Dre], 80/90 percent of what I did was used and then it was out. That's not usually the case with Dre. A lot of people who work with Dre, you're lucky if anything sees the light of day. It was a blessing to have all that stuff go to market at the pace it did. It's cool to be able to work with him at this place in his career when he's just ready to go." 

So which is it, Anderson? Would we be lucky to hear another note from Dre see the light of day, or should we start looking out for new music from a man who's at a place in his career when he's ready to just go?

We've emailed Aftermath asking for more information, in the meantime, I guess I'll just have to sit back and wait for new Dr. Dre music to materialize, which shouldn't be a problem. I've had plenty of practice.