Kendrick Lamar's Secret "untitled unmastered." Album Stream

When TDE promised to drop a project this week we didn't dare dream it'd be from Kendrick, but it looks like that's what we're getting.

TDE has been making noise this week and they haven't even dropped any music. That’s about to change.

According to Kendrick Lamar himself he has a “Chamber of Unreleased Material” that has left fans - from your everyday blogger to Lebron James - wanting more. Well, it looks like we are about to get our wish in the form of an eight song, 34 minute project. 

Earlier today, artwork and a Spotify link to a new Kendrick Lamar project leaked and it appears to be exactly what we thought; a collection of tracks from the vault. 

While the Spotify link isn't currently playable, the album is the real deal (check the Aftermath/Interscope copyright at the bottom) and gives a peek into the aptly-named, untitled unmastered. project.

The prevailing theory is that these songs are all from live performances, after all, each one comes with a date attached and Kendrick's certainly no stranger to cooking up original music for shows. However, it's hard to pair those dates up with a specific well known performances - each track is from 2014 except for one in 2013 and another ranging from 2014-2016. Until we can actually listen all we can do is guess, but it looks like we wont have to wait long.

I don't want to say we helped bring on the release, but Punch did checkout my investigation into Kendrick's past, unreleased work earlier this week. Now we get a project of (maybe) some of that music? Coincidence? Probably, but still, you're welcome world.

Now let's sit back and pray this project goes live soon. 

UPDATE: TDE CEO Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith has confirmed that Kendrick's new project will indeed be released this evening.

UPDATE 2: untitled unmastered. is now available for purchase on Apple Music. It's also streaming via Spotify and TIDAL.

UPDATE 3: You can now read our 1 Listen review of untitled unmastered. 

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