Hudson Mohawke Threatens to Leak Kanye & Drake Songs, Says They Haven't Paid Him

The acclaimed electronic producer is fed up with artists like Drake and Kanye taking credit for his work and not paying him.

Late last week, Hudson Mohawke took to Twitter to threaten to leak a zip file full of songs from Kanye West and Drake, songs for which he claims he was never paid.

Fans of both artists should be familiar with the producer, DJ and songwriter - signed to both Warp Records and G.O.O.D. Music, of course - who in addition to building his own critically-acclaimed solo career has production credits on albums from Kanye ("Famous," "Freestyle 4," "Waves," "FML," "I Am A God," "Blood On The Leaves," "To The World," "The One" & "Mercy") and Drake ("The Connect"), in addition to Pusha T ("M.F.T.R.," "Hold On," "No Regrets"), Lil Wayne ("Lay It Down") and more. 

While HudMo deleted his original tweet and backpedaled on his threat to leak said Yeezy and Drizzy songs, apparently at the urging of friends and family, he did go on to note how exhausted he was with "frauds in this biz" taking all the credit for his work, especially without compensation.



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Having a stash of unreleased Drake and Kanye gold with Hudson Mohawke behind the boards is a bit like having Santa tell me he's bringing me everything I've wanted for the past five years and then...Mrs. Clause talked him out of it. It's unclear from these tweets though if Mohakwe is referring to completely unreleased songs, or if he's threatening to reveal just how much of certain beats he produced that he either didn't get official credit for or had to split credit for even though the other producer only "added one hi hat." 

Regardless, for an artist and producer like HudMo, who still has G.O.O.D. Music in his Twitter bio, it will be quite interesting to see where the longstanding relationship between he and Kanye goes from here in particular. It would be a shame to see the acclaimed electronic producer stray away from his work with the upper echelon of rap's elite, but it sounds like he's not too keen on the business dealings that accompany working with that crowd.

Unfortunately, we have no news about whether or not these almost-liberated songs will ever see the light of day, but at least we know that there are at least three albums worth of audible goodies sitting in HudMo's laptop.

By Brendan Varan, who just listened to "Ryderz" for maybe the thousandth time. Follow him on Twitter.



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