New Beyoncé Surprise Album Dropping Soon, According to Internet

Beyoncé invented the surprise album release all your favorite rappers copied and it looks like she's about to break the internet again.

It's impossible to imagine that Beyoncé could be under-appreciated. She's rich, gorgeous, globally famous, has a hive ready to rip out the larynx of any poor soul who dares speak ill of her. Except there is this one thing I feel like she doesn't get enough credit for. 

Make no mistake, Beyoncé invented the modern surprise album release, and not only was she the first, she did it the best. The surprise album is now so common it's expected, nearly every big star has tried it at least once over the last few years, from Drake to Kendrick and beyond. Let's not forget that J. Cole's Forest Hills Drive was essentially a surprise album too. But not only was Bey the originator, the one who's lead they all followed, even two years later no one's done it better. There wasn't a single whisper about its existence beforehand, no leaks, no confusing links appearing and disappearing, 17 videos already shot and ready to roll. That release was flawless, and it looks like she's about to do it again. 

As Smoking Section pointed out, all the signs are pointing to a new album on the way, and soon. She's got a new single, "Formation," that's making huge waves, a Super Bowl performance fresh in the minds of millions, a tour starting in April, and perhaps most enticingly, enterprising internet sleuths discovered that her iTunes page had briefly been taken down, and there are 13 mysterious, unlisted videos currently waiting to drop on her Vevo page.

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Ironically, or fittingly, it was Beyoncé who trained us to watch for surprise albums with the attention of a homicide detective fresh on the case, and so now it doesn't feel like if we'll get a new Bey album, it's when, and if I wake up tomorrow with the internet broken, I'll know what happened. And then I'll start watching for all your favorite rappers to follow her lead yet again. Bow down.