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Dr. Dre's "The Chronic" Album Was Rejected Repeatedly By Labels

Anderson .Paak reveals that if it wasn't for Nate Dogg, Dr. Dre might have given up on "The Chronic" after label after label turned it down.
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There are just certain things in life you can never have enough of: money, incredible music, and great Dr. Dre stories. For someone who has been in this game for ages there is still so much we want to know about the good doctor.

For example, DJBooth Top Prospect veteran Anderson .Paak, the latest signee to the Aftermath empire, met with Nardwuar during his time in Austin, Texas for SXSW, and since Nardwuar knows all so he brought up Anderson’s past as DJ Styles and his high-school nickname, back when they used to call him "Bubba." There’s plenty of little fun facts about the rising star that fans will enjoy, but Nard took advantage of his time with Anderson to ask about Dr. Dre, questioning if he ever shared stories about his past after gifting him a World Class Wrecking Crew vinyl. Anderson admits that Dre doesn’t really talk about his early days much, a time that he isn’t very proud of.

However, Anderson did open up a bit more about some classic Death Row stories once Nard brought out the "Dre Day" single from The Chronic. How Dre would go to the studio and pit bulls would be fighting, guys being stripped down to their socks and guns being shot at their feet, insanity, but nothing that hasn’t been said about the crazy days of Death Row

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"He told me when he had the Chronic album nobody liked it, none of the labels liked it, he couldn't get a deal."  

What might not be known far and wide is how much rejection Dr. Dre faced when he was shopping The Chronic - he couldn't get a deal. An album that is revered as a classic today could not find a label home. It was Nate Dogg who told Dre that he would make history with the record one day after he confided with the G-Funk mastermind that no one wanted it. A few days after their conversation Dre met Jimmy Iovine, the man who would make Nate’s prediction come true, and the rest is history.

What the story tells us is that Dre wasn’t some immortal genius who was above being told no, who went his whole career without dealing with rejection. Jay Z went through it with Reasonable Doubt, Kanye West went through it with College Dropout, and now we can add Dre and The Chronic to the list. Hearing "no" is a part of this business, it’s those that keep pushing through all the doubt and turndowns that make history. Self-doubt haunts even the legends. 

It didn’t happen for Anderson .Paak overnight, he has put the years in and now is sitting at the round-table with kings. Let their stories be a lesson on the importance of perseverance and self-belief. Knowing that it will happen, knowing that you will make history one day, will bring it to fruition.

By Yoh, aka Yoh The Human Wordsmith, aka @Yoh31.



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