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Joey Bada$$ Says a Dr. Dre Collab Could Be on the Way

Imagine Joey over a Dre beat with Anderson .Paak on the hook...yeah, this needs to happen.

Despite what Troy Ave thinks, Joey Bada$$ isn't just some "weirdo" underground backpack rapper, he's a heavy hitter in hip-hop. 30-city national tours and global tours, merch sales, a top ten album, he's more than up-and-coming now, he's established. 

And now that he's moving up the ranks some new doors are opening for him, like say working with one of the biggest producers in hip-hop history. In a new interview with DJ Enuff for his Heavy Hitters show on Shade 45, Joey revealed that he's got 80 songs in the vault that he's planning on giving to his fans for free (big news) - but the gem that really caught my ear was that there's potential work with Dr. Dre in the pipeline. 

“I heard we were supposed to be working with Dre soon, so I don’t want to f*ck up the sh*ts, so hopefully you know what I am saying, I’ma put it out there just so it could be stronger."

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The pragmatic part of me isn't getting excited. It took 16 years for Dr. Dre to release an album, even if Joey does get in the studio with him, that's no guarantee the music will ever see the light of day. But the hip-hop fan in me can't help but get twitchy with hope. For a young east coast kid to link up with a west coast legend, to bridge a gap that spans generations and subgenres, would be huge, and it's not that much of a stretch. After all, we know Dre is currently in full-on music-making mode, and if Rapsody can get in the studio with him, if King Mez can become his right-hand man, is a song with Joey that impossible? 

For now, we'll all just have to wait and see, but Joey's right. Maybe if a strong enough word gets out there we can all help make this happen. Let's make this happen, people. I need some of that Pro Era x Aftermath in my life. Oh shit, and if Anderson .Paak throws in a hook?!?!?!?! Yeah, this needs to happen. Get Dre on the phone. 

UPDATE: Well...we got Aftermath A&R Ty Cannon on the phone, and he says Dr. Dre has yet to meet, or even talk to Joey Bada$$, but didn't outright say a future collaboration would be impossible.'re telling me there's a chance?



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