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Holy Sh*t You Need To Hear This: Omarion & Ghostface Killah "I Ain't Even Done"

This year's most unexpected collab flew under the radar and we can't let that happen. Trust us, you need to hear this.
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Earlier this week when we launched our new song series, "Holy Shit You Need to Hear This," we swore that our only criteria was that the music made you want to grab everyone near you and say - guess what? - holy shit, you need to hear this. It could be a song from a complete unknown or a superstar, or a newly leaked joint or a decades old classic, it didn't matter. All that matters is the music. 

Case in point, "I Ain't Even Done." The song first dropped in January of this year, but when I recently tweeted how incredible it was that Omarion and Ghostface of all people had a song together, I was flooded with surprised replies. 

It obviously went under the radar the first time around even though it demands to be heard, so now I demanding you listen. Omarion and Ghost over a Knxwledge beat? That's a real thing that really happened.  

I like Omarion, he gave us “Bump Bump Bump” and “Icebox” back in the day, and his latest contribution to the culture is giving Jhené Aiko the space to pay homage to eating groceries. But the last time I said “holy shit” and Omarion was loosely involved is when Lil Saint died (R.I.P). Yet, I couldn’t help myself after scrolling across his new single and also seeing Wu-Tang’s Tony Starks and Knxwledge attached. Ghost has been on a mighty run lately - the album with BadBadNotGood and the rumored DOOMStark project - and Knxweldge, formerly one of the underground's most heralded beatsmiths, is blowing up thanks to a credit on Kendrick’s To Pimp A Butterfly and producing all of NXWorries with Anderson .Paak.

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Still, despite these three all making some noise as of late, this isn’t your everyday posse. Three different artists who run in three separate worlds that feel like they rarely touch. Just look at the artwork, this is up there with the Kendrick and Cole face meshing. You can’t just keep scrolling after you see it, you have to know how this sounds because your brain can’t even imagine a realistic end result.

The record starts off with this very exotic yet ominous flute, a mesmeric vibe that holds you from the very beginning. Ghost brilliantly starts the song off by saying, “This joint right here sounds like Batman just got poisoned or something by his old lady.” I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to describe a song with such creative accuracy. Omarion is all swagger on this record, using a cool little flow that reminds me of the "Supa Dupa Flow" that hasn’t been used since being buried in 2010. He isn’t spitting the lyrical miracles but it’s far from his usual efforts. Have to give him props for the Terrell Owens reference in the first verse, can’t remember the last time I heard T.O’s name in a song.

The song really comes to life once Ghost appears spitting razor blades from under his tongue. It sounds like he and this beat was destined to meet, a power higher than ours brought these two together. It’s a short, sweet verse but Ghost packs it full of imagery and memorable lyrics from the long blade that he has for the haters to paying $100 for the Floyd Mayweather fight and expecting him to knock a man’s block off.

Knxwledge and Ghost are clearly a match made in underground heaven, Knx has used Ghostface in his Warp Tape series (see "Noflowrs[SVEME]__fralngtime"), but while at first Omarion seems out of place, the more you listen, the more it becomes apparent that this strange aligning works well. This isn't the kind of song you'd expect a Love & Hip-Hop co-star to be involved in, but that’s what’s amazing about music.

How did this collaboration even come about? Who connected Ghost and Omarion, Omarion and Knx? I imagine Rick Ross bringing them all together at some Wing Stop with a studio in the back and specially requesting Maybach O to start singing.  

However it happened, hip-hop's better for it. I never thought I'd write this sentence, but holy shit, you need to hear this Omarion and Ghostface song. And if you heard it the first time, you need to listen to it again. Enjoy. 

By Yoh, aka Maybach Yoh , aka @Yoh31. Image via Soundcloud.



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