The Best Young Thug "Slime Season" Songs

Don't have time to run through all three Slime Season projects? Here are the most essential tracks.
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Last week, Young Thug released Slime Season 3, the highly-anticipated third installment in his fan-favorite series. This latest entry is considerably shorter than its predecessors, yet still added another eight tracks to the Slime Season discography, which now totals a hefty 48 tracks.

Since Thug is quite the controversial artist, and many can't seem to find much middle ground between "he's a genius" and "he's ruining hip-hop," we decided to compile a 17-track playlist of the best slimiest records from Slime Seasons 1, 2and3.

Maybe you're new to Young Thug and don't have time to listen to nearly 50 songs before deciding if you are a fan or not, or maybe you're a fan of Thugger but would prefer a curated list of the series' best moments rather than filtering through everything. Or maybe you hate Thug, in which case I'm not quite sure why you're here, but hey, you're welcome to stick around. Whatever the case, let this list be your go-to.

Note: The playlist is in order by both tape and track number.

By Brendan Varan, Music Editor of DJBooth. Follow him on Twitter.