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Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear This: Big K.R.I.T.'s "So Bad"

There's just nothing like Big K.R.I.T. rapping over a Big K.R.I.T. beat. Stop your life and listen to this right now.

I’m very very excited about our new "Holy Shit You Need to Hear This" series because there’s very little on this great big Earth I love more than sharing dope music. I love it so much, though, I couldn’t waste my very first “Holy Shit” co-sign on something that wasn’t truly, gut-wrenchingly worthy. I needed it to matter. Thankfully, once again, Krizzle delivered. 

With this beauty I didn't even have anything to think about. Big K.R.I.T.’s “So Bad”? Holy shit you need to hear this!!!!

No joke, this record has been in constant rotation for going on 24 hours now. The production is amazing and when that beat switches?! And while its certainly a dandy on its own, if you really want to enjoy this track you must watch the new Rhythm Roulette with Krizzle. It was fresh in my mind and seeing his process, how he chops, flips, and builds a song from scratch, makes me appreciate the craftsmanship here even more.



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It may sound corny, but I truly believe there is an unspoken bond, a deeper level of closeness when K.R.I.T. crafts his own beats; when he's rapping over his own stuff it's magic. Speaking of which, on the mic, he's as sharp and as smooth as ever here. His flow is perfect, I love that blend of relaxed and assertive, but it's the lyrics that really jump out. K.R.I.T. gives listeners something inspirational to chew on. I swear, no rapper makes me want to move mountains more than he does. 

All I ever wanted was a million dollars / Till I heard a million ain't enough / Couple houses, different states, cars, different places / You could fuck a million up

I think it’s fitting this record was released in honor of Return of 4eva’s five year anniversary because it gives me that exact same feeling those early K.R.I.T. tapes provided. I don't want to be the “his mixtapes were better” guy and I swear I’m not, I love K.R.I.T.’s recent stuff too, but Return of 4Eva, K.R.I.T Wuz Here and 4 eva N a Day have this aura, this magic to them. Again, I'm not dissing any of K.R.I.T.’s studio albums, but I’m also not going to hide a feeling as uniquely special as the one those tapes continue to give off, a feeling that is all over So Bad

So, “Holy Shit You Need to Hear This” because it doesn't get any better than K.R.I.T. rapping over a K.R.I.T. beat. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go get this shit right now.   

Lucas Garrison is a writer for DJBooth. His favorite album is College Dropout but you can also tweet him your favorite Migos songs at @LucasDJBooth. Image via Soundcloud.



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