Kanye Is Finally Giving People 'The Life of Pablo' Download They Paid For

Thank Yeezus we can finally move on from this particularly ugly time in music history.

Thank sweet baby Jesus

Honestly, I'm feeling pretty TIDAL-ed out, and I think most of you are too. Believe me, I didn't want to spend the last two months covering the worst album release in music history. I would have much rather just written aboutThe Life of Pablo as a collection of music and called it a day.

But after TIDAL and Kanye West took hundreds of thousands of dollars from people who paid for a download of The Life of Pablo—either in the brief window it was available for downloadable purchase or as part of their live-stream ticket purchase—without actually delivering the album I felt like I had to help hold them accountable. It had nothing to do with Kanye as an artist or changing the idea of an album as a fixed collection of music and everything to do with not looking the other way while corporations and millionaire artists took ordinary's people's hard-earned money without giving them the product they paid for. 

And then, today, this happened

"The latest version of The Life of Pablo is now being delivered to the individuals that purchased it originally, as well as to those who in some cases did not receive a download link at the time of the album's release. Customers that received a refund will also receive a download link as a courtesy from Tidal.com." —TIDAL spokesperson

Was that really so hard? People pay for something, you give them what they paid for, it's not a difficult concept. I don't know if I feel more relieved that I can finally stop covering this story or angry I had to ever cover it at all. Whatever, my blood pressure is high enough as it is, I just need to let this go

Now it's onto bigger and better things, like, for example, getting TIDAL to explain those absurdly high TLOP stream numbers they just released.