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Buzzfeed Stole Our Drake "Every Girl" Article So We Added Even More Girls

Buzzfeed just straight up jacked our article about Drake song lyrics, but the sweetest revenge is doing even better work.

In hip-hop there's a continent of grey area between outright stealing, being influenced and just sheer coincidence, and hip-hop writing is no different. Every day I see other articles that "borrow" from my writing, but I'm also influenced and inspired by others, that's just the nature of culture. How amazing to spark an idea in someone just as so many have sparked ideas in me? But sometimes - rarely, but sometimes - you really do get to say, "Oh, you just straight up stole my shit."

This is one of those times.

Hmmmm....that new Buzzfeed article sure does look familiar. 

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When HighSnobiety wrote "Every Single Woman Drake Has Ever Name-Dropped in His Songs" three months ago they at least had the decency to change the headline a little bit, but Buzzfeed couldn't even be bothered to care that much, and why should they? Buzzfeed is a giant media steamroller crushing everything in its path, DJBooth's more like a great independent label. 

But while we can't compete with Buzzfeed on size or scale, we can just continue to work harder (they were even too lazy to copy our entire article, we originally listed 129 girls to their 88), which is the entire reason they stole that piece in the first place. So while an article about all the times Drake has mentioned a girl in his songs isn't exactly the kind of pride-inducing journalistic ground I would have chosen to do battle on, here we are. I'm not getting mad, I'm not even really getting even. I'm just going to continue to do the only thing I can - make better shit. 

Our original article stopped right after the release of If You're Reading This It's Too Late, here's every single girl Drake's mentioned in a song since. 


"Digital Dash"

  • The girl who just walked in and is making triple what Drake makes (could it be Rihanna?).
  • The girl who wants a picture with all of Drake's woes but is too embarrassed to ask.

"Big Rings"

  • The girl who is getting new tires because she said she'll ride with Drake. 

"Live From The Gutter"

  • The coked up girl Drake is bringing home.
  • The girl who doesn't want any pets so she settles for Drake because he's a Snapchat filter needed.

"Diamonds Dancing"

  • The girl who Drake wants to do stuff with but she's too busy talking on the phone. Really, this entire song is all about a girl. I can neither confirm nor deny if it's the same girl who is also asking for the code to the Wiiii-Fiiiiii.


  • The girl who is doing Drake dirty. 

"Plastic Bag"

  • The hard working Magic City stripper who is collecting her tips with a plastic bag. That's a little thing called work ethic. 

"I'm The Plug"

  • The girl who was acting like a virgin so Drake "gave it to her" (ew) then curved her because he's a real winner. What a tough guy! 
  • Finally, a real girl! Here he mentions Summer P, who is DJ Drama's ex and is apparently "in here," wherever "here" is. 

"Change Locations" 

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  • The girl who is on his mind at 2 AM, 4 AM, and then comes over at 10. 


  • The "babies" Drake misses. They get lobster and Céline.  
  • The hoes that want to diss and only get chicken fingers and French fries, which really doesn't sound that bad.
  • Another girl sleeping over at Drake's, she just has to valet her car first.
  • The girl who jumps when Drake says so. She can take direction...Ooooooh. 

 "30 for 30"

  • The women who demands a paternity test from Drake even thought he never slept with them. He is the 6 God, however...immaculate conception?
  • The women he sees on TV that look better in person that wanna fuck him or convince him they care.
  • Keyshia Cole, because Keyshia Cole and T.I. Hey, another real person!

"Hotline Bling"

  • The girl who got Drake down and stressed out because she started wearing less and going out more... 

"Come and See Me"

  • The girl who just gotta start...why she gotta start? 

"My Love"

  • The girl who Drake isn't officially with, she just sleeps in his bed.  

"Can I"

  • The whole thing feels like it’s about a girl…


  • The "lost girls" over 26 who are afraid to admit they're lost. Damn Drake, chill. I guess it's easy to diss those strugglin' when you're a rich millionaire celebrity.

"Tryna F*ck"

  • Around this girl, Drake has too much pride. God forbid he feel alive...kinda sounds like a weird, veiled threat, no?

"Tryna F*ck"

  • The girl in her bra and panties; automatic. 

"Come My Way"

  • The girl who works hard for this shit. Don't worry, Drake doesn't mind. Grind, girl, grind.

"Sweeterman (Remix)"

Goddamn, that was way more work than anyone should ever put into tracking down Drake references. If only someone else had done all the hard work and we could just copy them this would have been much easier, but alas, no such luck. Oh well, more importantly we've now contributed yet another essential text to the canon of American literature. You're welcome Western civilization. 

This was a team effort by Nathan S (aka @RefinedHype) and Lucas (@LucasDJBooth) - SQUAD! Illustration by WHIP.


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